Heart disease drug speeds up ageing process

Heart disease drug speeds up ageing process

Heads i win tails you lose….. Anyway the effectiveness of statins as a firstline treatment were not present, as in they just didn’t do any good. Actually they did more damage since the side effects can be life threathening.

Now another nail in the coffin of this moneymaker comes to light, it makes you get older faster. Now everyone wants get old, but nobody wants to be old so speeding aging up is not a good thing.

Scientists have found the heart disease drug badly affects our stem cells, the internal medical system which repairs damage to our bodies and protects us from muscle and joint pain as well as memory loss.

Last night experts warned patients to “think very carefully” before taking statins as a preventative medicine.

A GP expert in the field said: “They just make many patients feel years older. Side effects mimic the ageing process.”

The new research by scientists at Tulane University in New Orleans has reignited the debate about statin side effects which many doctors say have been played down.

They include memory loss, muscle pain, diabetes, cataracts, liver dysfunction, diabetes, fatigue and memory loss.

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Cholesterol lowering drugs and memory loss

Cholesterol lowering drugs and memory loss

Talk about drawing the wrong conclusion! This ridiculous study, already widely touted, and it was just published Source JAMA, examined memory loss in statin and non-statin drug users. Here are the conclusions from the abstract:

Both statin and nonstatin LLDs were strongly associated with acute memory loss in the first 30 days following exposure in users compared with nonusers but not when compared with each other. Thus, either all LLDs cause acute memory loss regardless of drug class or the association is the result of detection bias rather than a causal association.

Please take a moment to process this…He admits that all cholesterol-lowering drugs induce memory loss, but that MUST be an artifact, since he tried the experiment with dissimilar drugs.Oh, and results contrary to the mainstream gospel are always caused by detection bias, because people are just so stupid, right?25% of the cholesterol in your body is found in your brain, where it plays important roles in such things as membrane function, acts as an antioxidant, and serves as the raw material from which we are able to make things like progesterone, estrogen, cortisol, testosterone and even vitamin D.