The Rise and Fall of the Western Civilization

The Rise and Fall of the Western Civilization

Anyone with a classic education has read “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”

Those same persons will undoubtedly recognize the uncanny resemblance between that civilization and the reasons for its demise as what is happening now with is called the “Western Civilization”

Now granted most of the the latter is positioned geographically to the east of the Greenwich Meridian but for the sake of the argument i’ll use Western.

As with the Roman empire the Western ‘Empire’ suffers from the slow decay of  the cohesion once uniting them albeit for different reasons. Still the mechanism is alike as is the result.

In my opinion the basic problem in the Western civilization is the extreme rationalization of cultural differences. Worse still the rationalization of core values once fought for to the point they cease to exist.

Anyone with an open mind can easily see how since the Renaissance Europe became a beacon of all that  made the difference between humanity as being more than any given primate colony and the rest of the world’s population.

Take for example the African continent, I’ve written about it’s failures Africa’s forever wars which to this day still cause untold suffering. Than we have the Arabic Peninsula and the Middle East where war, pillage, rape and overall inhumanity are still rife.

No way no how is it possible to integrate those violent and intolerant cultures into the dying Western Culture (where children are indoctrinated there exist untold genders making the DSM definition of Gender Confusion the law of the land) without the Western Culture being overrun by barbaric tribes as happened to the Roman Empire.

The disease of over rationalization which plaques Western culture is no match for the cultures which live by the sword, which laugh at our weak convictions using them to their own goal:



European Union way past Orwellian

European Union way past Orwellian

Sounds really reasonable isn’t it? A box in your car that registers your behavior, route traveled, time traveled, storing data that can be used against you as soon as a new law is invented that makes something a criminal offense worse than aggravated homicide going 3 miles too fast… I see a booming market for EMP devices, with me being customer.

What are black boxes or in-vehicle data recorders?
These devices can be used in cars and commercial transport as a valuable research tool to monitor or validate new safety technology, to establish human tolerance limits and to record impact speeds.
Black boxes can also be used to influence driving behaviour and facilitate forms of automatic policing (100% surveillance of all traffic offences). Offenders can be tracked more easily and fined automatically by means of devices such as Electronic Vehicle Identification – See EVI website. At the same time the system can be used to reward safe behaviour [42] and to reduce insurance premiums [59].
Two types of in-vehicle data recorders are currently used: crash data recorders and journey data recorders.
Crash data or event data recorders
These collect data over a period before and after the crash. They are often based on the airbag control module and will cease to store information once the airbag has deployed [33].
What road safety problem do they address?
These devices are an important monitoring and research tool for road safety management, as illustrated below.
Usefulness of event data recorders or crash recorders[30]
Increased quality of accident data
Increased accuracy of data
Possibility to use information previously not possible to obtain
Better evaluation of new safety technology
Knowledge of injury thresholds for the design of a crashworthy road transport system
Better understanding of injury causes and injury mechanisms
Influence on accident involvement risk?
Useful from legal aspects (insurance)
Information used for “e-Call” systems
Pre-crash data to investigate collision causation – Evaluation of active safety systems
Crash data to investigate crashworthiness
Evaluation of interior safety systems
Calculation of injury risk versus impact severity
Crash reconstruction

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