Mass shootings victims and perpetrators are not Caucasian

Mass shootings victims and perpetrators are not Caucasian

The divide is racial as well. Among the cases examined by The Times were 39 domestic violence shootings, and they largely involved white attackers and victims. So did many of the high-profile massacres, including a wild shootout between Texas biker gangs that left nine people dead and 18 wounded.

Over all, though, nearly three-fourths of victims and suspected assailants whose race could be identified were black.

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I still don’t understand what ‘black’ means Is ‘Black’ a color or a concept and who gets in?
but clearly they do, regardless that none are actually black but mixed race. Even the so-called black president isn’t ‘black’ but just a multi-racial multi-ethnical  undefinable person in such terms.
What is clear however is the prevalence for violence as a means to resolve problems in this the various ethnically/culturally diverse groups. Since those who self-identify as ‘black’ are still a minority such an over-representation of perpetrators in (violent) crimes it is clearly a problem they have to deal with themselves.
And then we didn’t even touch on other non Caucasian groups who self-identify as belonging to a group rather than as Americans.
The same problems are now arising in Europe, where the various immigrants, even in the third generation, don’t identify as belonging to their chosen nation but to their country once some family member originated from.
All this is the result of the condescending attitude of the ‘intelligentsia’ who have this strange fascination of retaining cultural identity as a right, nay an obligation. By doing so, by enabling the schism of cultures they laid the ground stone for the present clash of cultures resulting in the atrocities taking place all over europe. This is going to get worse, as more completely adverse cultures are imported and still not properly integrated.

The next generation of racism

The next generation of racism

Police forces in England, Wales are too white’ – home secretary

The home secretary has criticized the lack of ethnic diversity in police forces and dismissed “untrue” claims made by Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan Howe that the rise in knife crime is linked to the reining in of stop-and-search powers.

In a hard-hitting speech to a police conference on Thursday, Theresa May said not one of the 43 police forces in England and Wales reflect the communities they serve, claiming they are “too white.”

She also challenged Hogan-Howe for saying the rise in knife crime in London is linked to a reduction in stop-and-search.

Hogan-Howe told the BBC in June that, “Over the last three months there has been a rise in stabbings and that has caused us to review our position on stop-and-search … If we are getting to the stage where people think they can carry knives with impunity, that can’t be good for anyone.

Last week, he said the Met Police have been forced to increase the use of stop-and-search in 18 London boroughs due to rising recorded knife crimes.


yep that’s the way to help integration, just insult/discriminate the whole native ‘white’ population. Obviously that is not going to anger anybody and will make those ‘white’ people accept the new status quo. Way to go.

Genetic Makeup Leading Factor In Why Smarter People Live Longer, racism validated

Genetic Makeup Leading Factor In Why Smarter People Live Longer, racism validated

In other words, racism is a valid way to classify humans. Is not a pleasant fact for those who believe in equality, but that’s how it works. Your genetic makeup is the biggest contributor, and since groups of people share  genetic makeup it stands to reason to qualify them as a seperate group. Not politically correct, but nature has no knowledge of this concept and just goes on being a racist.


Smarter people tend to live longer than those with less luck in the intelligence department. Now, a new study hints at why: It’s (almost) all about good genes.

About 95 percent of the relationship between intelligence and longevity is explained by genetic influences on both traits, researchers reported July 26 in the International Journal of Epidemiology. The study was somewhat limited in that most of the participants took intelligence tests during middle age, rather than in their youth. By that time, the IQ results might be skewed by the cognitive decline of aging.

Nevertheless, the researchers say, the results suggest that brighter people don’t just live longer because they make healthier choices, or make more money that affords them better health care. Rather, they live longer because their genetic makeup favors both smarts and a long life.

“We found that the small relationship between intelligence and life span was almost all genetic,” said study researcher Rosalind Arden, a research associate at the London School of Economics and Political Science.


Contrary to much of the racial identity debate, race is far from a social construct

Contrary to much of the racial identity debate, race is far from a social construct

First, those who contend that Dolezal is perfectly free to identify as “black” are engaging in relativism — i.e., that each person is entitled to define truth as he or she sees it. That line of reasoning might work in sociology or the social sciences, but it does not work in genetics.

Second, the idea that race is either biological or sociological is a false dichotomy; it is manifestly both a biological and social construct.

The relevant question, therefore, is: “To what extent does the biological factor matter?”

Different geneticists give different answers. Some, such as Michael White and Alan Templeton at Washington University in St. Louis, say it doesn’t matter at all and that race is not a biologically justifiable concept.

Others, however, argue that genetics still matters quite a bit. Genetic diseases tend to cluster among certain races and ethnicities.

For instance, sickle cell anemia is found primarily among blacks, cystic fibrosis among whites of European descent, and Tay-Sachs disease among Ashkenazi Jews.

This is a reflection of the fact that human populations exhibit significant structure, which is a record of our history as a species.

It is widely accepted that the ancestors of the Khoisan hunter-gatherers of the Kalahari separated from the ancestors of the rest of humanity 150,000 years ago; ancestors of all non-Africans separated from Africans on the order of 50,000 years ago; and ancestors of Native Americans separated from East Asians 15,000 years ago.

In some cases, diverged branches of this diversifying human tree came back together and fused to form new populations. All of these events have left distinct genetic markers.

In fact, as the famed biologist L. L. Cavalli-Sforza once stated, though our history as a species is short, there is more than enough genetic information to construct ancestral trees. And, genetics has the power to reveal much more about you than just your racial and ethnic identity.For example, by sequencing just a small portion of DNA, scientists can detect your biogeographical ancestry and even get a rough estimate of what your face looks like


Black vs White part 2

Black vs White part 2

Adjusted to take into account the racial breakdown of the U.S. population, he said black men are 3.5 times more likely to be killed by police than white men. But also adjusted to take into account the racial breakdown in violent crime, the data actually show that police are less likely to kill black suspects than white ones.

“If one adjusts for the racial disparity in the homicide rate or the rate at which police are feloniously killed, whites are actually more likely to be killed by police than blacks,” said Mr. Moskos, a former Baltimore cop and author of the book “Cop in the Hood.”
“Adjusted for the homicide rate, whites are 1.7 times more likely than blacks die at the hands of police,” he said. “Adjusted for the racial disparity at which police are feloniously killed, whites are 1.3 times more likely than blacks to die at the hands of police.”

Mr. Moskos listed two possible reasons for the racial disparity. The first is that police assigned to largely black neighborhoods face “more political fallout when they shoot, and thus receive better training and are less inclined to shoot.”
The second is that police assigned to black communities with high crime rates are more accustomed to dangerous situations and thus are more likely to be able to resolve them without resort to lethal force.


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Our Secret Weapon In the War with IS: Racism

Our Secret Weapon In the War with IS: Racism

Racism isn’t something non colored people do to colored people. Racism is rife amongst all peoples of the world for very simple reasons: we all have the same primate brain

Imagine you are a pre homo sapiens primate on a walk about and you encounter an entity that doesn’t look like you, is it seems capable of attacking you, then you think twice before walking up to it and giving it a kiss.

This ingrained self protective survival method, be wary of strangers, is what lies at the base of racism. All what the intellect of homo sapiens added to this hardwired instinct is a rationale why to be wary.

Depending on the level of sophistication some people can easily overcome this instinct, most can’t. In any case murderous savages such as those in the various Islamic death cults for sure can’t.

Long before ISIS militants beheaded Christians on a Libyan beach last week, Nigeria’s Boko Haram was carrying out similar atrocities 1,500 miles to the south. Now that ISIS is operating in northern Africa, will the Syria-based organization join forces with the continent’s largest Islamist terror group?

Maybe not, say U.S. intelligence officials, and they suggest one obstacle is racism.

“The Arab world is incredibly racist,” explained a U.S. intelligence official. “They don’t see black Africans as equivalent to them.”

ISIS may show “affinity” with Boko Haram, said the official, “but they stop short of allegiance.” Moreover, said the official, while Boko Haram has in the past year released videos to show “affiliation” with groups like ISIS, there’s no evidence of either group sending members to fight with the other. And while Boko Haram has praised ISIS, and shown the ISIS flag in videos, ISIS has not reciprocated.

“There are still questions of the ISIS view of Boko Haram and Nigeria,” said the official. “But Boko Haram does not operate in sync with ISIS. The caliphates are separate.” There was concern last October when Boko Haram declared its caliphate that the two might team up, but there’s no indication that’s happening, said the official.


Blacks Commit 25X More Violent Assaults Against Whites Than Whites Against Blacks

Blacks Commit 25X More Violent Assaults Against Whites Than Whites Against Blacks

And both victims and perpetrators are disproportionately minority, by huge margins.  New York City is emblematic of the country’s gun violence.  According to victims and witnesses, blacks commit 80% of all shootings in New York, though they are 23% of the city’s residents.  Add Hispanics and you account for 98% of all shootings.  Whites commit a little over 1% of shootings, though they are 35% of the city’s population.  These disproportions pertain across the country.

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