California to vastly augment electricity costs

California to vastly augment electricity costs

In order to comply with millennial desire to replace reality with an alternative reality California subsidizes far out visionary Elon Musk: 

In what is being considered a major win (loss) to those in the field of next-level of energy technologyTesla was awarded a contract to provide thousands of energy storage units to Southern California.

The Southern California Edison energy company contracted out Tesla last week to provide 20-megawatts of energy storage equipment to their power grid. The equipment will be used to stop blackouts should the grid’s main fossil-fuel based energy sources fail. The Tesla Powerpack energy storage units will be installed at a SCE substation in Mira Loma and must be up and running by the end of December.

The amount of equipment being installed is enough to keep 2,500 homes with power for a day, or enoughto charge 1,000 Tesla cars, the company claimed in a blog post.

The cost of the complete energy storage system isn’t clear. As noted by Bloomberg, a 2-megawatt Tesla energy storage system runs around $2.9 million, and contracts that involve more energy than that are negotiated on a per-situation basis.

In late 2015, the Aliso Canyon natural gas reservoir ruptured, causing a major spill of methane gas and forcing over 8,000 local residents out of their homes. Following this incident, the California government has been attempting to expand its energy-storage storage efforts to prevent any potential loss of power during times of high electricity usage.

Last month, California officials green-lighted two other grid energy-storage contracts that would account for 37-megawatts of storage.

This project is one of the most notable happenings on the energy side of Tesla since the company set out to buy SolarCity in August.

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Vegans eat water

Vegans eat water

Take collard greens. They are 90 percent water, which still sounds like a lot. But it means that, compared with lettuce, every pound of collard greens contains about twice as much stuff that isn’t water, which, of course, is where the nutrition lives. But you’re also likely to eat much more of them, because you cook them. A large serving of lettuce feels like a bona fide vegetable, but when you saute it (not that I’m recommending that), you’ll see that two cups of romaine cooks down to a bite or two.

The corollary to the nutrition problem is the expense problem. The makings of a green salad — say, a head of lettuce, a cucumber and a bunch of radishes — cost about $3 at my supermarket. For that, I could buy more than two pounds of broccoli, sweet potatoes or just about any frozen vegetable going, any of which would make for a much more nutritious side dish to my roast chicken.

Lettuce is a vehicle to transport refrigerated water from farm to table. When we switch to vegetables that are twice as nutritious — like those collards or tomatoes or green beans — not only do we free up half the acres now growing lettuce, we cut back on the fossil fuels and other resources needed for transport and storage.

Save the planet, skip the salad.

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Seems still necessary: Exposing Gandhi, the naked saint and his spiritual terrorism of nonviolence

Seems still necessary: Exposing Gandhi, the naked saint and his spiritual terrorism of nonviolence

Some of us must have seen Richard Attenborough’s film on the life of Gandhi which was first screened in 1982. Though many critics say that the film was unfair to Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Subhas Chandra Bose; but taken as a whole, the film was a faithful portrait of Gandhi.

For the ‘Gandhians’ or ‘Gandhibadis’ (devoted followers of Gandhi), Gandhi was the apostle of nonviolence, the ultimate realty, another name of truth and a divine ‘avatar’ or incarnation. Gandhi neither did claim to be a prophet nor even a philosopher.

He was not even interested to leave a sect behind him after his death. For Gandhi, ‘Ahimsa’ (non-violence) was not a simple abstention from violence, but it had much higher, infinitely higher meaning. It is the most powerful tool for positive social change.Gandhi was the strongest symbol of non-violence in the 20th century India.

According to him, someone who is following the doctrine of nonviolence cannot harbor uncharitable thought, even in connection with those who consider his enemies. Such a man cannot have an enemy. Once this is achieved with ultimate sacrifice and self-suffering; his self-purification starts. Soon he finds himself in the ultimate stage of spirituality where he can conquer the whole world.

Gandhi advised us that we should deliver our lives and honor into the hands of our enemies who want to harm us. This submission, according to Gandhi, requires far greater courage than delivering of blows to the enemy.However there are many critics who have now appeared with a rather different view of Gandhi.

With solid arguments and a revisionist history, they depict Gandhi as a charlatan. They see Gandhi as a crafty politician, a ruthless manipulator posing as a religious leader and presenting a facade of spirituality. Some critics see Gandhi as incredibly dangerous and utterly stupid person.

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The victim industry fares well, the victims don’t

The victim industry fares well, the victims don’t

Again the migratory overflow from a poor overpopulated place, as happened so often in the past, whilst once it came from the east now it comes from the south. The victim industry fares well by it, with each boat load of strong young men sinking (after having thrown excess baggage such as women, children and kafirs overboard) the victim industry gleefully jumps on their corpses.

As beforehand the African tribes dealt with overpopulation by selling their excess into slavery, they now settled on the more direct way of mutual extermination.

For a while Africa was a thriving continent, providing food for large parts of the world, that quickly ended when the colonists were ‘thrown’ out. Having ejected all knowhow, cultural tradition of hard work and planning ahead inevitably the continent fell back to it’s usual modus operandi. The law of the jungle.

The strongest soon realized that there was a guilt ridden (why is unclear but hey why waste a good opportunity) western world eagerly falling for their narrative of poor fugitives having to be accepted as a debt to old times the creation of fugitives was a matter of time.

Excepting the ones having the money to pay for good stories and comfortable transport, the rest were easy marks for their ‘fellowman’ dumping all the poor and resource draining peoples in the Mediterranean. Mixing in a lot of their mentally/physically ill, criminals and extremists to wreak havoc in that so despised world. The world that everyday by it’s pure existence proved how it could be done and how they are incapable to.

The same reason why Israel has to be erased.. Who needs proof that you fail as a people, as an ethnicity right next to you in your backyard proves under dire circumstances the desert can bloom?

Luckily the emotional vultures who like to see themselves as saviors of the masses are well funded, and use their disgusting appeal to the moral high-ground are here to ensure those masses come… the 1000’s of drowned are just a cynical means to further their cause to be displayed on their websites.

Yuck, and we call ourselves the superior species…

Smoke rises after a house is blown up during a military operation by Egyptian security forces in the Egyptian city of Rafah, near the border with the southern Gaza

Smoke rises after a house is blown up during a military operation by Egyptian security forces in the Egyptian city of Rafah, near the border with the southern Gaza

The importance of the buffer zone expansion is becoming clear in light of the armed forces’ announcement on March 29 of the discovery of a secret tunnel connecting Gaza to Sinai and stretching along 2.8 kilometers (1.7 miles) into Egyptian territory. This tunnel is the longest tunnel yet to be discovered by the armed forces.

Nasser Khaled, an infrastructure expert and soil mechanical engineer, told Al-Monitor that digging such a tunnel requires modern equipment and a large number of workers to dig either in rocks or loose land. He said the process takes four to five months, while the average cost of the required equipment is no less than about 10 million Egyptian pounds ($1.3 million).

Khaled said that most of the manufacturers of such equipment do not authorize sales except to states and major engineering and construction companies. He added that the primitive or manual drilling of such tunnels may take years.

Amr Radwan, an infrastructure expert and soil mechanical engineer told Al-Monitor that it is difficult to determine how long it takes to dig such a tunnel unless the nature of the used equipment is identified and the number of workers as well as the specifications of the rocks and soil are known. He said those operations are risky because of loose rocks where drilling could lead to the quick collapse of a tunnel.

The information about the costly equipment, the fact that they are only sold to specific parties and the importance of identifying the nature of the rocks before drilling are factors that indicate that construction companies or experts may be secretly supporting the drilling operations.

Major construction companies in the Gaza Strip have faced difficulties after the Egyptian authorities tightened their control over the tunnels, after the ousting of Mohammed Morsi in July 2013 and the intensification of the terror attacks in Sinai, through which a large proportion of building materials would enter the country. This led in January 2014 to the closing of about 280-300 companies and factories amid a blockade imposed by Israeli forces on the entry of construction materials into the Gaza Strip.


Egypt introduces life in jail as penalty for tunnelling

Egypt introduces life in jail as penalty for tunnelling

The sound of crickets, tumbleweed rolling by.. Far away a raven calls. The sound of silence as the oh so committed to gaza international community ignores these extremely harsh measures whilst decrying to high heaven the legitimate self defense of Israel against same tunnels….

Hypocrisy exemplified. You’ve lost all credibility if even you had any.

An amendment to the Egyptian penal code imposing life in jail for builders or users of cross-border tunnels has been ordered by presidential decree. The penalty also applies to people with knowledge of tunnels who fail to report them to the authorities. The Egyptian government was authorized to seize buildings at the top of tunnels and any equipment for digging them. Cairo hopes to deter the building of tunnels running between the Gaza Strip and Sinai which are used for the transfer of illegal arms, equipment and terrorist manpower.


Hypocrisy is rife

Hypocrisy is rife

A monument is being erected 70+ years after WW2 for those who helped jews take shelter from the germans. 100s of 1000’s saved is proudly acclaimed. Given that the germans paid the then vast sum of 2.50 guilders Guilder value for every jew turned in, and it was as easy as pie to after that take possession of the properties of the jew (for example their house complete with furniture and all other belongings) turned in it isn’t hard to understand why only 100s of 1000’s (if that number is even true) were saved but millions were transported to deathcamps.

Imho it would be best if they stop trying to rewrite history, every-time they open this can of worms they show their disgusting hypocrisy and ugliness.

Nowadays again jews risk their existence due the fact they are jews, but apart from some platitudes nobody does anything to stop the rekindled jewhate, worse even public cries of Death to the jews during demonstrations get BS’d away by local functionaries.

The stage is again being set for the next holocaust while the old guard still dances on the graves of the last one. It makes me sick.

Tens of thousands of Dutch people in World War II people to go underground to keep them out of the hands of the Germans. For these so-called shelter providers a monument unveiled Friday at Camp Amersfoort, reports the ANP.

Camp Amersfoort, according to the Foundation Shelter Providers a historical place, because people who were caught hiding in the house were taken to the camp. Many have the enormous risk that they took paid with death. Among others Amsterdam Anne Frank and her family were hiding, arrived at Camp Amersfoort justified.

“The shelter providers have hundreds of thousands of saved lives. They worked during the war in silence and in secret. They deserve a national tribute to their courage and heroism,” said Jos Pothof, secretary of the foundation.

Ronald Leopold, director of the Anne Frank House, unveils the monument designed by artist Eric Claus.

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