A month in the realm of the Religion of Peace

A month in the realm of the Religion of Peace

The Religion of Peace

Four countries suffer 80% of losses
The data gathered by the BBC found that 5,042 people were killed in 664 jihadist attacks across 14 countries – a daily average of 168 deaths, or seven every hour.

About 80% of the deaths came in just four countries – Iraq, Nigeria, Syria and Afghanistan, according to the study of media and civil society reports.

Iraq was the most dangerous place to be, with 1,770 deaths in 233 attacks, ranging from shootings to suicide bombings.

In Nigeria, 786 people, almost all of them civilians, were killed in 27 Boko Haram incidents. These tended to be large and indiscriminate bombings and shootings such as the attack on the central mosque in the northern city of Kano, which left 120 dead.

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I need no stinking facts: Palestinians dispute autopsy finding of Abu Ain heart attack

I need no stinking facts: Palestinians dispute autopsy finding of Abu Ain heart attack

Palestinian officials called Ziad Abu Ain, 55, who collapsed and died during a scuffle with Israeli border police Wednesday “a martyr” and held Israel responsible for his death. They refused to accept the findings of the overnight Palestinian post mortem in Ramallah that he had died of a heart attack. It was also attended by Israeli and Jordanian pathologists.

To guard against violent outbreaks in protest at the death of the man in charge of Palestinian “Resistance to Jewish Settlement and the Wall,” the Israeli military Thursday sent two battalions of troops and two companies of paramilitary border police to reinforce West Bank security. His funeral was scheduled for Thursday. Abu Ain was known to suffer from a heart ailment as well being a heavy smoker. Israel offered to take part in a joint investigation of the incident with the Palestinian Authority and voiced regret over his death..



How Hamas uses Temple Mount

How Hamas uses Temple Mount

The desire of Hamas leaders to ignite the West Bank and fan the flames of the uprising in East Jerusalem is no secret. The calls on the Palestinians to launch a third intifada are openly made during prayers in the mosques, as well as by media channels affiliated with Hamas. In addition, intensive activity has been going on in the field. While, so far, it has apparently not been aimed at setting up terrorist cells designed to carry out attacks, the Palestinians are encouraged and urged to clash with the Israeli security forces and set out on independent terrorist attacks.

The Hamas methods of operation were anticipated by the Palestinian security apparatuses a year ago already. According to a report submitted in December 2013 to PA President Mahmoud Abbas by the PA adviser for security affairs, Gen. Tawfiq Tirawi, officials in the Palestinian security apparatuses warned that the failure of the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians would push Hamas into trying to ignite the area. The authors of the report evaluated that Hamas would seek to reorganize its military wing in the West Bank and lead to a third intifada. Officials in the Palestinian security apparatuses anticipated that, rather than sending out suicide terrorists — the way Hamas operated during the second intifada — Hamas members would opt for shooting attacks and other independently launched terrorist attacks by individuals acting on their own.

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War what is it good for

Usually it’s a kind of population control method, rats are way smarter they just absorb fetuses in the womb in case of too high population pressure. More humane you might say.

Since the human race isn’t humane in any sense, it resorts to more violent methods of population reduction. War. Very effective, since it mostly takes out the youngest most virile men and women thus reducing not only the population by dying themselves but also by reducing re-population efficiency.

Personally i’d be more of the opinion rats have the most logical and harmless method, and the human race the most vicious and harmful method. It just doesn’t make any sense on any level.
What makes even less sense is the Geneva Convention.

It’s totally counterintuitive and inhumane. It’s beyond absurd to set up rules of war. It stems from ye olden days where people in direct man to man combat slaughtered each other in a time where honor was the moral guidance. Nowadays wars are fought to reach a goal, extermination of the opposing force. It’s done from a distance, people hardly see their targets or are thousands of miles far from the battleground.

Instituting ‘rules’ on how you can exterminate your opponent are silly. They’re even more silly if you fight an opponent who has never even heard of it and for sure doesn’t behave like it. Of course you have to descent to their level of fighting, of course you behave as they do. It’s their language, it’s what they understand. Behave otherwise and you’ll be laughed at, taken for a weakling.

You don’t take prisoners of war, why should you? They cost a fortune in upkeep and one day you’ll have to set them free after which they’ll merrily continue to do their thing, only now with the knowledge they don’t risk very much expect for a good meal, medical care and some leisure time to recuperate tot level even better then before and with an even greater disdain for you.

The Geneva Convention needs to be rewritten to take into account that only those who have signed it have the right to be treated according to it. Those who didn’t evidently don’t care so why should you?

A Study of Higher Education and Unemployment as Predictors of Terrorism

A Study of Higher Education and Unemployment as Predictors of Terrorism

Clare Richardson

What country conditions breed terrorism? Relative deprivation theory holds that instead of an absolute standard of deprivation, a gap between expected and achieved welfare leads men to political violence. My research examines whether levels of unemployment and higher education that reflect relative deprivation correspond with an increase in terrorist attacks. A recent surge in empirical studies of terrorism has shown that, contrary to popular belief, terrorists tend to be highly educated and from wealthier families than average. This study models relative deprivation by examining the effect of unemployment and tertiary education on levels of terrorism. I examine terrorist attacks from 1980-2008 across 56 countries to see whether the interaction effect of unemployment and higher education is positively correlated with an increase in the number of terrorist attacks. The results of my multivariate regression suggest that this interaction
may be somewhat significant in countries where there have been previous attacks. Additionally, while unemployment and population size are strongly correlated with increased instances of terrorism, higher education alone has no significant relationship with a nation’s levels of terrorism. I discuss possible reasons for the significance of these indicators and the policy implications of my findings.

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BBC R4 promotes unchallenged anti-Israel propaganda and warped histories of Jerusalem

BBC is nowadays a spokesperson for the Islamic State it seems. Their uniquely warped view of reality mostly fits in with the viewpoints professed by the more radical of the ideology

BBC Watch

On September 3rd BBC Radio 4 aired an edition of a programme called ‘Agree to Differ’ which will be repeated on the evening of September 6th and is available here. The title of the edition is “Jerusalem” and the programme is presented by Matthew Taylor – today the chief executive of the RSA and formerly Chief Adviser on Political Strategy to Tony Blair during his premiership.R4 Agree to Differ

At the beginning of the programme Taylor informs listeners:

“…we’re going to give you a completely new way to understand a controversial issue and to decide where you stand.”

“We’re looking at a dispute that’s almost as old as civilization itself. We’re exploring the respective claims of Palestinians and Israelis over the city of Jerusalem.”

That historical illiteracy unfortunately continues throughout the programme with Taylor promoting a variety of bizarre and inaccurate interpretations of historic, political and legal issues as we…

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