Racism is the new Godwin

Racism is the new Godwin

Diversity is the antithesis of cohesion

Over the last few decades a trend becomes apparent where western society falls apart in ever more splinter groups each living in their own social media bubble, fed by anything but objective or scientific social ‘science’ studies.

The concept Racism which as its name indicates concerns racial thinking has been Conflated with mostly non-existent gender issues and religion giving any splinter group a way to kill off any reasonable discussion.

Doubtless when modern education which is less about facts but more about opinion/emotion has wreaked its havoc upon the youth the concept will be further conflated with any other social issue en vogue.

Evidently the more one encourages society to split itself up the more it will fall apart as a unity. This lack of cohesion will be the undoing of western society as we know it.

Being hardwired by nature social animals we as a species can only evolve further if that cohesion remains intact. The results of lack of cohesion is amply demonstrated by tribal nations such as in the Middle East and Africa.

Never ending war, genocide, disease, over population, famine, repression are a common denominator.


The descending spiral of education

The descending spiral of education

It was (and is) a commendable position to take, education should be open to anyone regardless of origin, money, color, creed etc. However there is a downside. The reason why there is a median of capacities is that evidently because some are more capable than others simply because the luck of the genetic draw.

The really capable are the exceptions, as are the really incapable. Unfortunately education is not fluid, it’s a mass product in order to be as open as possible. Which leads to the educational standards to adapt to the mean. With the influx of less capable standards automatically go down in order to have a high enough scholarly success rate .

Since ┬áthe 1970’s educational levels have been steadily declining as is shown amongst others by the many ‘fun’ studies which have no to little community use but do produce many PhD’s. This system is self-enforcing, lower levels of education lead to lower level educators, which …..

A point in case is this scary piece:

Delaying Exams Is Not a Request from ‘Coddled Millennials’

Oh yes it is! How silly can you get?