I am a retired software engineer. Sold my software development enterprise in 1995. The profits enabled me to live modestly in the south of France liberated from the rat race. Still dabble in software, mostly for personal use. Latest published effort

My personal life philosophy is that of Existential Nihilism.

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  1. This sounds very much similar to my own biogrphy, run business for 25 years, sold out and turned southwards, Italy in my case
    I came across your profile through a comment on NEUROKÜRZ’s blog on consciousnes and Neuromarketing

    “That we live in a virtual world created by our brains and consciousness is as such just a immensely redacted version of actual events put together in a timeframe”

    to which I agree very much. Only, when stating that consciousness is overvasted one has to name and to refer to a benchmark and thus define a function.
    What is the function of consciousness?

    What do you think?


    • Dear Heribert
      Good to know i’m not the only one. Glad for you you’ve also escaped the ratrace before dropping dead. Isn’t life great?

      As for the consciousness being overrated……. In the context i mean from a darwinistic angle. Current type of human consciousness is anti-evolutionary and selfdestructive. Still bound by braincircuitry dating back to the dino’s all it does is give us the capability to wreak havoc on a massive scale without rhyme nor reason. It has taken us out of the natural evolutionarily process, the genepool get’s steadily downgraded due to medical advances.
      And all we’ve got on the positive side, is things that only matter to us to the detriment of everything around us.

      As such consciousness is overrated.


  2. Dear Petrossa ,

    I would like to thank you and also Herbert for your intelligent vision and “Philosophy” .

    First of all I like very much the word ” Existential Nihilism.” . Although we don’t live in the Sixties anymore and Satre died in 1980 , Existentialism lives on .

    As a Psychologist , I agree with Herbert that ” Reality ” is a creation of our own mind . This poor mind which is drowned in a vast pool which we call ” The Universe ” , mostly unknown to our mind and where we are part of.

    I am happy to say to you that I also escaped the rat race and spend my days composing electronic music and I also work as a ” Houseman ” , taking care of the household .

    Kind Regards ,



  3. Dear Albert,

    Welcome to the people of leisure and thank you for your kind words. I still remember quite clearly that back in the days, when robotic machines were introduced in the workprocess, we where promised that soon we’d all be free for the larger part of our time since the ‘machines’ would do all the work.
    The machines came, and people have to work twice as hard. Go figure.

    I quite like electronic music, but probably not the kind you compose? I like very much music like Death in Vegas, Londinium, Red Snapper, Underworld, Propellorheads. I guess you mean more like Jean Michel Jarre? Also not bad though.


  4. Dear Petrossa ,

    I agree wirh your first paragraphe about the evolution of our work and/or leisure time . I read those books too in that period .

    I still remember Alvin Toffler’s , Third Wave and Future Shock . But more funny where the books I read about the 21st century during the sixties , in my childhood .

    Oh Well … The reality is very different . Especially now , when our
    ” Wealth” ,accumulated during that period evaporises and never will come back . It will be a new Paradigma , not less of the same Economic System .

    I told my wife about it already in 1996 .

    I compose very different kins of electronic music , classical to heavy beats , but now I am working at an ever moving Soundscape of about 30 to 40 ours , constitued of small pieces of music of 12m33s each.

    Greetings ,



  5. Albert,

    I never manage to get my head around the stupidity of having an economy based on growth. It doesn’t take a genius to see that given space/resources are limited it’s bound to stop growing at some point. Either for lack of space, too many people, or lack of resources, too many consumers. Wealth becomes so widespread it’s like a homeopathic medicine, you’ll be hard put to find a molecule of it.

    I just count myself lucky to have been born in the fifties so i had the opportunity to indulge myself.
    Apres moi la deluge.

    I’m pretty much incapable of anything creative in the arts department, i amuse myself building silly contraptions. Just finished a plant sprayer using an old waterpik and the heads of cleaningsprays. Works like a charm, it lays down a perfect mist. Pity i have only 5 cactii since my free flying birds eat any other plant.


  6. Hrmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I wanted to say that it’s nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the first place that told me the answer. Thanks.


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