Fake News repackaged

Here is a prime example of fake (old) news. Primarily since the writer assumes that belief contains some news value. The writer talks about ‘massive implications’ and in so doing gives the matter at hand a value it doesn’t deserve.

Sure millions of people kill/maim/suppress others in the belief that is what they need to do get some reward from their imaginary friend.

But the ‘massive implications’ aren’t there. All those who after having been taken away their belief go on a rampage don’t do so because of the fact that their belief has been nullified.
They do so because they lose the only anchor their minds still have in this unfair, uncaring life. The only massive implication is that the world will be rid of that special kind of intolerance,hate and incomprehension of the basic laws of nature.

By discussing this really unimportant issue as if it is something of great weight the writer becomes part of the same belief system.

Not believing it is the same as believing it.

This scientist should really rethink his/her/genderneutral position and start to ignore this kind of belief because that is all it deserves.

Here he/she/it goes:

Did a man named Jesus from Nazareth exist in Judea around 2000 years ago proclaiming to be some kind of prophet? Of course this is a controversial question because of the massive implications for one of the world’s major religions. I do find it interesting to explore a basic factual question that is embedded in…

via The Evidence for the History of Jesus — NeuroLogica Blog

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