Mass shootings victims and perpetrators are not Caucasian

Mass shootings victims and perpetrators are not Caucasian

The divide is racial as well. Among the cases examined by The Times were 39 domestic violence shootings, and they largely involved white attackers and victims. So did many of the high-profile massacres, including a wild shootout between Texas biker gangs that left nine people dead and 18 wounded.

Over all, though, nearly three-fourths of victims and suspected assailants whose race could be identified were black.

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I still don’t understand what ‘black’ means Is ‘Black’ a color or a concept and who gets in?
but clearly they do, regardless that none are actually black but mixed race. Even the so-called black president isn’t ‘black’ but just a multi-racial multi-ethnical  undefinable person in such terms.
What is clear however is the prevalence for violence as a means to resolve problems in this the various ethnically/culturally diverse groups. Since those who self-identify as ‘black’ are still a minority such an over-representation of perpetrators in (violent) crimes it is clearly a problem they have to deal with themselves.
And then we didn’t even touch on other non Caucasian groups who self-identify as belonging to a group rather than as Americans.
The same problems are now arising in Europe, where the various immigrants, even in the third generation, don’t identify as belonging to their chosen nation but to their country once some family member originated from.
All this is the result of the condescending attitude of the ‘intelligentsia’ who have this strange fascination of retaining cultural identity as a right, nay an obligation. By doing so, by enabling the schism of cultures they laid the ground stone for the present clash of cultures resulting in the atrocities taking place all over europe. This is going to get worse, as more completely adverse cultures are imported and still not properly integrated.

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