Femitheism analysis

Femitheism analysis

Over the course of the evening, Sommers touched on a variety of topics, focusing mainly on trigger warnings, safe spaces and the importance of free speech.

“It’s primarily the ‘fainting-couchers’ demanding trigger warnings,” Sommers said, referencing the portion of the modern feminist movement who advocate for such warnings.

Sommers said as a feminist from the ’70s, the emphasis on trigger warnings and safe spaces is puzzling to her.

“We are not children, we are not fragile,” Sommers said. “Trigger warnings seem to be infantilizing to women.”

Sommers also spoke about the statistics commonly used by activists while addressing issues such as the wage gap or sexual assault. Those statistics are often overhyped, Sommers said, and although sexual assault is a problem, survivors of assault need help rather than hype.

“If women want to change the wage gap, they should change their majors,” Sommers said.

Sommers said while there was an interesting conversation to be had about the value placed on jobs occupied primarily by women, they aren’t necessarily being cheated.


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