No, Nazis didn’t set out to attack children

Angry Foreigner


Between 70 to 100 men stormed the central station in Stockholm and created noise. (video here) They handed out flyers before, urging people to put an end to the criminal immigrants roaming the streets of Stockholm. The biggest newspaper in Sweden, Aftonbladet, said that they attacked people with a foreign background. But the police cannot confirm this, since no reports of assault have been filed.

The way in which our massmedia is reporting about a “racist flyer” isn’t just symptomatic of the agenda-driven swedish journalism, it also confirms the worldview inside the flyer.

I have translated it in it’s entirety so that you yourself can judge how racist the content is. Text which is light-brown is hyperlinked, so just click if you want to read my sources.


By this point in time it’s impossible for anybody to miss that Sweden isn’t what it used…

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