Capacity Market Auction For 2019 – No New CCGT

As Denmark, Germany, The UK comes to it’s senses forced by those silly things as ‘facts’and ‘reality’


By Paul Homewood


DECC has announced the results of this year’s capacity market auction, which is designed to contract standby electricity capacity for when renewables are not working.

The Telegraph reports, (along with the obligatory “black smoke” from cooling towers picture!).

Hundreds of millions of pounds in subsidies will be paid to diesel generators and old coal and nuclear plants to help keep the lights on later this decade, ministers are set to confirm on Friday.

National Grid is preparing to publish the results of the latest “capacity market” auction, a Government scheme that will pay energy companies to guarantee they can provide electricity in 2019-20.

On Thursday night, the company said the price of the subsidies would be £18 per kilowatt, to be paid for just over 46 gigawatts of capacity, giving a total subsidy bill of about £830m.

What dear little Emily forgot to mention is…

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