One Million German Households Have Had Power Shut Off – Spiegel

I’m following Germany since the ill conceived decision to go for ‘renewables’ (in other word perpetuum mobile) and have by now a vast collection of public newspapers links to show how it failed. And going even worse than failure. Another few years and reality will catch up


By Paul Homewood


Pierre Gosselin has news of how a million German households have had their power cut off because they cannot afford to pay ever rising bills:

The online Spiegel has an article that really drives home the energy hardship that German consumers are suffering, “due to the rising costs of electricity“, brought on by the country’s hasty rush into green energies.

It is not only Germany’s power companies who are bleeding to death financially, but so are many private citizens, who are unable to pay for their power. A shocking situation in one of the world’s most technically advanced nations.

According to the German flagship news magazine, citing the federal Bundesnetzagentur (German Network Agency), more than 350,000 households saw their power get switched off in 2014. Spiegel blames the “Energiewende” (transition to renewable energy), writing in its sub-title:

The social problems of the Energiewende are growing:…

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