‘Green energy’ bogged down …


What Green Future? Spain adds solar tax, punishes the wind industry, loses “65,000 renewable jobs”

Renewable power is devastating many economies. Just ask Spain! The subsidy suckers had to be stopped:

[…] Zero wind power megawatts were installed in Spain in the first half of 2015:

Madrid, 27th July 2015. The worst predictions have come true: Spain does not attract investment in new wind power capacity. In the first half of 2015, not a single megawatt has been installed in the country, leaving the total at 22,986 MW

Wind power, remember, is competitive and cost effective. I can’t think why Spanish investors have all disappeared.

Green Energy is a bust! Bring back coal and gas.

From a comment:

Feb 05, 2015:
Exclusive: 92% of PV installations on verge of bankruptcy

92% of the photovoltaic systems in our country and 55% of the wind farms will enter into…

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