Climate Negotiators Give Up On Enforceable Paris Deal

Good news, but rather predictable since the ‘alarming climate change reports’ about imminent doom started to get frantic the last few months

Watts Up With That?

Newsbytes from The GWPF:

UN Climate Summit May Fail If Developed Nations Don’t Deliver, India Warns

For all their efforts to get 200 governments to commit to the toughest possible cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, climate negotiators have all but given up on creating a way to penalise those who fall short. The overwhelming view of member states, says Christiana Figueres, head of the U.N. Climate Change Secretariat, is that any agreement “has to be much more collaborative than punitive” – if it is to happen at all. To critics, the absence of a legal stick to enforce compliance is a deep – if not fatal – flaw in the Paris process, especially after all countries agreed in 2011 that an agreement would have some form of “legal force”. —EurActiv, 12 October 2015


1) Climate Negotiators Give Up On Enforceable Paris Deal
EurActiv, 12 October 2015

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