Did We Really Save the Ozone Layer?

Did We Really Save the Ozone Layer?

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Steve Goreham


Another year has passed and that stubborn Ozone Hole over Antarctica refuses to go away. Data from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) shows that the Ozone Hole for the fall maximum season grew 22 percent from 2014 to 2015. World consumption of Ozone Depleting Substances has been reduced to zero over the last three decades, but the Ozone Hole is as large as ever. Did humans really save the ozone layer?

In 1974, Dr. Mario Molina and Dr. Sherwood Roland of the University of California published a paper asserting that chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) pollution from industry was destroying the ozone layer in Earth’s stratosphere. CFCs were gases used in hair spray, refrigerators, and insulating foams. The ozone layer is a layer of atmosphere located between 6 and 25 miles above the Earth’s surface.

The theory of Molina and Roland postulated that human-produced CFCs migrate…

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What The “Strongest Ever” Hurricane Looks Like

hysterical ‘news’ from the MSM will last till after December meeting in Paris. After that a reduction in ‘oh god we’re all going to die’ news just until the next taxpayers paid junket in some far away place. It is truly a sinusoidal pattern from junket to junket. Hey, but luckily we can solace our conscience by giving money to some ultra activist group like Greenpeace/Amnesty/WWF or which ever money-sucking NGO whose managers earn more than your average high placed civil ‘servant’


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Water Vapour: The Big Wet Elephant In The Room

Water Vapour: The Big Wet Elephant In The Room

Watts Up With That?

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball


In my last two articles I examined what we know, but more importantly what we don’t know, about the three main greenhouse gases (GHG). The first examined methane (CH4) and the second CO2. The fluster of responses about data and accuracy of measurements is essentially irrelevant because combined CH4 and CO2 represent only four percent of the GHG. It didn’t matter whether Beck was right or wrong about actual CO2 measures, what was important was the degree of variability the data showed, such as with the stomata data. This variability was deliberately eliminated in other measures to achieve a smooth, with no splinters, ‘hockey stick’ because it contradicted the well-mixed scenario essential to the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) agenda.

The articles about CH4 and CO2 illustrate the modus operandi of the creators and proponents of the AGW hypothesis. They designed them to prove the…

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Wind Power & Avoided Energy Costs

Wind Power & Avoided Energy Costs

In my earlier post, I worked out the total cost of onshore wind, based on a capacity factor of 26%, which is all that is being achieved in the UK according to DECC.


Onshore Wind $
1 MW @26% = 2277 MWh/yr
Capital+Fixed Costs/yr 222328
Capital+Fixed Costs/MWh 97.64
Variable Costs/MWh
Total Cost/MWh 97.64



For every MWh produced by onshore wind, there is an avoided cost of not having to generate by another source. For this scenario, let us assume it is gas fired generation which is avoided. (If we compare to coal or nuclear, the avoided costs are much lower still).

The saving from this will be the variable cost of $57.80/MWh. (This does not take account of the likelihood of extra costs incurred from switching the gas turbines on and off).

In other words, we have to pay $97.64/MWh for wind output, but only save $57.80. Clearly, in any sane world, this would be regarded as a no brainer.

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California’s Diesel Rule Scam

California’s Diesel Rule Scam

The state imposes a rule based on phony science on all U.S. truckers.

James Enstrom
Oct. 18, 2015 7:50 p.m. ET

The Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board (CARB) are riding high after exposing Volkswagen ’s emission scam. But the self-proclaimed guardians are running their own regulatory racket. See their shakedown of Virginia-based trucker Estes Express Lines.

Under the Clean Air Act, the Golden State enjoys unique authority to impose stricter emission standards than the EPA, but only within its sovereign borders. Yet CARB exported its vehicle emission standards nationwide by forcing auto makers to re-engineer their fleets to state rules. Now the agency is trying to bring out-of-state truckers to heel.

In 2008 CARB banned diesel engines manufactured before 2010 from California roads. Under the rule, over a million truckers who operate in California, including 625,000 registered out of state, are required to replace their engines with a newer model or install a diesel particulate filter, which can cost more than their vehicles are worth.

This month CARB and EPA announced a $390,000 settlement with Estes—$100,000 of which goes to the U.S. Treasury—for failing to install filters on 73 of 500 trucks it operated in California between 2012 and 2014. Estes has since upgraded its entire California fleet.

CARB doesn’t have authority to subpoena documents from out-of-state businesses, so EPA assisted the investigation by asserting jurisdiction under California’s 2012 State Implementation Plan of the Clean Air Act that includes the truck rule. Last year EPA demanded that a dozen interstate trucking companies show compliance with California’s rule. A CARB spokesperson says the prosecution is “the first of what we hope are many cases.” Caveat trucker.

Not surprisingly, the green police claim they are protecting Californians. According to EPA, the truck rule will prevent 3,500 premature deaths between 2010 and 2025. Yet there’s little evidence linking diesel particulate matter with an increase in mortality in California, which has among the lowest age-adjusted death rates in the country.

Studies show a weak association between mortality and particulate matter in Appalachia and the Midwest, but virtually no correlation in the western United States. This may be because the chemical composition of particulate matter—which can be generated from dust, wildfires, pollen, power plants, mining and farming—varies by region. Diesel exhaust makes up a small fraction of these fine airborne particles.

Notably, the epidemiological study that CARB used to justify its truck rule in 2008 had to be corrected after it was revealed that the report’s lead staff scientist had purchased his statistics doctorate for $1,000 from a diploma mill. CARB later revised its estimates of premature deaths prevented by the rule down to 3,500 from 9,400. After discovering the deceit, CARB Chairwoman Mary Nichols failed to inform the board and went ahead and propounded the regulations for adoption.

In other words, the regulations under which EPA and CARB are prosecuting truckers are based on dubious science. But when the cause is green virtue, such details don’t matter.

Britain’s Insanely Expensive & Utterly Pointless Wind Power Fiasco Exposed


By Paul Homewood

h/t Wolsten


Derek Partington, a former Chartered Engineer, has spent a lot of time in the last six years, researching the effectiveness of wind turbines. His findings are damning:


His report runs to thirteen pages, well worth a read. But some of his tables and charts tell the story.

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The next generation of racism

The next generation of racism

Police forces in England, Wales are too white’ – home secretary

The home secretary has criticized the lack of ethnic diversity in police forces and dismissed “untrue” claims made by Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan Howe that the rise in knife crime is linked to the reining in of stop-and-search powers.

In a hard-hitting speech to a police conference on Thursday, Theresa May said not one of the 43 police forces in England and Wales reflect the communities they serve, claiming they are “too white.”

She also challenged Hogan-Howe for saying the rise in knife crime in London is linked to a reduction in stop-and-search.

Hogan-Howe told the BBC in June that, “Over the last three months there has been a rise in stabbings and that has caused us to review our position on stop-and-search … If we are getting to the stage where people think they can carry knives with impunity, that can’t be good for anyone.

Last week, he said the Met Police have been forced to increase the use of stop-and-search in 18 London boroughs due to rising recorded knife crimes.


yep that’s the way to help integration, just insult/discriminate the whole native ‘white’ population. Obviously that is not going to anger anybody and will make those ‘white’ people accept the new status quo. Way to go.