100% Renewables Myth Destroyed


By Paul Homewood



Richard Black, ex BBC propagandist and now PR guy for the ECIU, told us a few weeks ago, in one of his dottier moments, that the world could live on 100% renewables. All this was based around one Mickey Mouse study in Germany.

It turns out that real energy experts think the idea is pie in the sky!

From PEI:


Ben Heard (right), director of Australia-based
ThinkClimate Consulting told the World Nuclear Association’s annual symposium in London that his organisation did a thorough analysis of the body of literature supporting that 100 per cent renewables viewpoint, and found it lacking in supportive evidence.

Ben Heard

“A world powered 100 per cent by renewables as popularly conceived doesn’t exist. I can tell you it’s not true… the evidence is conflicted and is in fact scarce,” he said.
Heard referenced a recent speech by social activist…

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