Greenpeace: Employer from Hell

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Greenpeace canvassers say their workplace is no compassionate, supportive utopia.

greenpeace_strike_small photo credit:

In addition to saving the planet, Greenpeace says it stands for social justice and a more equitable world. But anyone who thinks a future run by Greenpeace would be nothing but rainbows is invited to visit a petition that describes the plight of Greenpeace canvassers.

According to those who’ve left supplementary comments after signing this petition, Greenpeace is the furthest thing from a compassionate employer. It doesn’t care if weather conditions aren’t conducive, or if an employee is in the midst of a family crisis. Frontline (sidewalk) canvassers who fail to meet quotas are simply tossed aside like rubbish.

Delphine Brody, of Sacramento, says she lost the canvassing job she loved when she failed to make her numbers “two consecutive weeks.” William Hodges reports:

On a cold, rainy day, I was asked to go out on…

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