Germany’s CO2 Targets “Unrealistic”

At least Germany is clear proof how this kind of powergeneration just doesn’t add up. Soon consumer energy prices will surpass those of Denmark which is no mean feat.


By Paul Homewood


Since 2012 a group of experts around McKinsey director Thomas Vahlenkamp has been assessing every six months whether the federal government’s goal of its self-imposed targets of its energy and climate policy are achieved. Die Welt has obtained the latest score: the picture brightens only in some secondary objectives.

The decisive climate policy goal of the Energiewende, however, cannot be achieved: the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2020 compared to 1990 is “unrealistic”, says the report. Any improvement is not in sight either, the authors conclude: “The prospects for a turnaround by 2020 are permanently bad.”

Setback for the federal government

For the federal government, the new assessment is embarrassing: Recently the government announced additional measures that would help achieve the 40% target. A “National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency” was one of them. In addition, it announced a shift from around…

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