UK solar power subsidies for home owners in death spiral

This isn’t a UK only development, all ‘early adapter nations’ are changing the system from subsidized to monetized. Logical consequence from short term policies. At a certain moment too many people apply for subsidy so a tax needs to be levied to compensate. In this instance it’s a fair one, the user pays. Finally. Sure buy solar panels which never ever are going to attain rated capacity in the northern hemisphere, but pay the real rate for installing 1 Mw/h solar/wind and only getting at best 10% return on investment. As it is now those nations which invested heavily in ‘renewable (as in: perpetual mobile)’ energy generation have the highest tarifs for electricity. For example 1 kW/h consumerprice will go for 0.40 euro in Denmark but only 0.10 in nuclear France.


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Looks like curtains for small-scale solar in the UK if the planned new rate of 1.63 pence per kilowatt hour is approved. Financial reality is starting to catch up with ‘green dreams’ in the UK as BBC News reports.

The UK government says it plans to significantly reduce subsidies paid to small-scale green power installations. Under the proposals, the amount of money paid to home owners and businesses producing electricity from roof-top solar and small wind turbines will be limited from January 2016.
Subsidy schemes could be closed to new entrants from the start of next year.

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