Solar Panel Prices Won’t Stay Low For Ever

who’d ever seen that coming? ‘free’ energy doesn’t exist.


By Paul Homewood


How often do we hear how advances in solar technology have made the costs of panels so cheap that they can now compete against fossil fuels?

What you rarely hear is that the real reason is there has been a glut of solar panels on the market, caused largely by the Chinese wanting to muscle into the market with mass production, designed to undercut and force other manufacturers out of the marketplace. In other words, exactly the same tactics they have used with other industries and products.

It never seems to have occurred to these reporters that as soon as demand for panels begins to escalate, spurred on by government mandates in the west, not only will the glut disappear but prices will skyrocket. This process will of course be accelerated by the closure of existing capacity, unable to compete.

It looks as if this process may…

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