The Indians are on the warpath.


Something significant happened about two years ago and it was a signal that the times they were a changing. Greenpeace tried to disrupt a Russian drilling platform in the Arctic and the protesters were promptly arrested, with their ship being impounded. On previous escapades, the Russians kept the activists in jail for a few days before letting them free to become martyred ecowarriors in a blaze of publicity, but not this time. Various charges of a grave nature were laid against them as the bear threw a big scare into Greenpeace.

They were eventually pardoned by Gospodin Putin and the ship returned after a year moored in Murmansk, which means after being unused through a Russian arctic winter it’d have to be refurbished.

The message from Russia to Greenpeace and various other foreign NGOs, who thought they could interfere with what it considered to be its strategic interests, was quite…

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