Genetic Makeup Leading Factor In Why Smarter People Live Longer, racism validated

Genetic Makeup Leading Factor In Why Smarter People Live Longer, racism validated

In other words, racism is a valid way to classify humans. Is not a pleasant fact for those who believe in equality, but that’s how it works. Your genetic makeup is the biggest contributor, and since groups of people share  genetic makeup it stands to reason to qualify them as a seperate group. Not politically correct, but nature has no knowledge of this concept and just goes on being a racist.


Smarter people tend to live longer than those with less luck in the intelligence department. Now, a new study hints at why: It’s (almost) all about good genes.

About 95 percent of the relationship between intelligence and longevity is explained by genetic influences on both traits, researchers reported July 26 in the International Journal of Epidemiology. The study was somewhat limited in that most of the participants took intelligence tests during middle age, rather than in their youth. By that time, the IQ results might be skewed by the cognitive decline of aging.

Nevertheless, the researchers say, the results suggest that brighter people don’t just live longer because they make healthier choices, or make more money that affords them better health care. Rather, they live longer because their genetic makeup favors both smarts and a long life.

“We found that the small relationship between intelligence and life span was almost all genetic,” said study researcher Rosalind Arden, a research associate at the London School of Economics and Political Science.


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