No, there is no free ride

No, there is no free ride

All over the globe vested interests and useful idiots are trying to sell us the pipedream of everlasting free energy without consequences. It doesn’t take much to understand that what they are selling is a new version of the perpetual mobile.

Even IF we could harvest solar energy to the capacity needed to cover current standard systems it would have a devastating effect on climate. All the heat from the sun that would normally strike the surface and maintain the balance as is would be taken away by solar panels. Using windfarms the same. The wind makes things happen on earth, capturing it large scale will obviously cause a disruption.

It’s not possible to take out vast amounts of energy from sun, wind, sea, rivers without consequences. How silly can you be to believe it would be? That energy you take out of the ecosystem did something, it contributed to current billions of years of coming to some kind of equilibrium best suited for most lifeforms.

The only real solution is matter/energy conversion. Be it fusion/fission or some kind new miracle way to convert one to the other.

As a careful and extensive analysis demonstrates, even without considering the monumental electricity demand required to convert America’s vehicles to electric-battery versions, providing today’s baseload and peak demand electricity would require 29.3 billion one-square-meter solar panels. Assuming adequate yearlong daily sunlight, that’s 29,333 square kilometers of active solar panel surface area: 7.2 million acres


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