Feminism has definitively lost it

Feminism has definitively lost it

last Friday I ventured out to my first ever Creative Mornings, a nation-wide design-centric lecture series. I found myself completely inspired by the talk I heard there by Jennifer Armbrust, the former owner of Motel and the current brains behind Armbrust & Co and PORT.Armbrust’s concept is a rather earth-shattering one: is the western economy non-sustainable, and if so, what will replace it? She proposes that business and money in America is largely defined by masculine ideas of power: a system of winners and losers with an ever-shrinking number of winners at the top and an ever-increasing base of “losers” at the bottom. What if this atrophying system was replaced by an economy of feminine ideals? A way of doing business that is more inclusive, cooperative?

Weird feminist manifesto

Yep because since history is known matriarchal societies all went extinct. Let’s start another one, what ever could go wrong? The very obvious sexist principle this ‘theory’ is based on obviously could never ever work any better and probably worse due to the focus on gender.

For sure, tuning down everyone else to the lowest common denominator (LCD) would give the less proficient more chances, but unfortunately it would not rise above the LCD due to the self limiting vicious circle of not selecting by prowess but by gender.

Replace gender by race and the whole political correct  world would go berserk but since it’s feminism anything goes.  You know what? Begin by focusing on the truly patriarchal societies such as the Islamic ones.

But strangely enough not a peep. Well not completely true, feminists are on the forefront of the ‘right’ for women to subjugate themselves symbolized by the dress-code.

Feminists.. i know you as  hypocrites.

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