Total Bull Excrement in New Scientist

Total Bull Excrement in New Scientist

According to this ragtag hysterical magazine:

Rising seas are eating away at small islands and will eventually turn their inhabitants into climate refugees, right? Not so for some of the world’s most threatened islands, which have grown despite experiencing dramatic sea level rise.


This is a ‘science’ journal?

  • It is impossible to really measure the global sea (ocean) level within an error margin of 10 mm and that’s being generous
  • Even assuming it would be feasible current measurements indicate a steady slow rise of a few millimeters per decade since centuries
  • The ocean ridge which pushes the volcanic islands to the surface also swallows them up. It’s like a conveyor belt. So any ‘sea level rise’ there is either due to subsidence or coastal erosion.
  • The sea/ocean isn’t flat. It follows the gravitational pull. More mass, more water gets pulled to it. So for any ‘rise’ near a landmass there is a dip in the ocean. Landmasses change. Gravitational pull changes. Average sea/ocean level remains mostly the same.

In other words… this Total mess of an article, enjoy is full of it

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