burning the forests … to save burning ‘fossil fuels’

It all makes sense if you talk to the trees i guess. I’m told treehugging provides greats insights into natures wishes. Obviously it wants to burn trees. Perfectly logical


The Green illogical solution to cutting oil, gas and goal, is to keep cutting, trees, that is. Forests are being slaughtered in America to burn in the UK’s Drax Power Station (formerly coal burning). Now the UK’s own Oak forests are being cut down to burn as ‘sustainable’ heating fuel, with the huge increase in log-burning stove sales.

Britain burning its historic forests to save the planet

Who said Greenies like trees?

Walkers make their way between tree stumps and open ground along what used to be a forest path at Bickerton Hill

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3122851/Where-woods-gone-smoke-new-trendy-green-wood-burning-stoves-boilers-funded-tax-millions-fuelled-birches-oaks-leaving-swathes-Britain-

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