saving mankind from a bleak future …

to good a solution so no Armageddon inspired human mind will accept it. Evidently they believe to be masters of our destiny, and our destiny seems to be to regress to caveman stature.


[…] Thorium molten salt reactors, without the need for all the backup safety systems that U235 nuclear plants have, should be no more expensive to build than coal-fired plants. This is an overnight capital cost of $3,246/kW as opposed to U235 nuclear at $5,530/kW. At that rate, a 250 MWe plant would cost about $800 million. Building 300 per annum would provide a revenue of $240 billion per annum.

The gullible left one day will find out how wrong they are about solar and wind power, guaranteed to send us all back to the dark ages. People like Ehrlich and Holdren tried that a few decades ago, yet there are now billions more of us, and poverty is much less, but still a long way to go. Never if you rely on that Green agenda.

David Archibald sets this case out for thorium very well. An added bonus…

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