Hamas accelerates its tunnel-building

Hamas accelerates its tunnel-building

Bulldozers hard at work in new upsurge; terror group also manufacturing short-range rockets, which proved murderously effective last summer

Hamas has begun using heavy machinery and engineering tools to accelerate the excavation of attack tunnels leading from the Gaza Strip under the Israeli border, sources in the Palestinian enclave told the Times of Israel Wednesday.

The equipment, the sources said, includes small bulldozers with the ability to maneuver in tight spaces. From the Israeli side of the border, larger tractors are clearly visible above the ground as the machines prepare the tunnel entries.

The Gaza-based terrorist organization has been using whatever cement it can get its hands on for the construction of the tunnels, and fortifying the walls of its underground structures with wood as well.

Israeli security officials confirmed the reports from Gaza, adding that Hamas was making great efforts to dig the tunnels at high speed.

The officials also said the terror organization was attempting to produce as many short-range rockets as possible, after noting that these projectiles were less likely to be downed by the Iron Dome defense system and could therefore cause substantial damage on the Israeli side.

A report in the Telegraph earlier this month said Iran was transferring tens of millions of dollars to Hamas to rebuild its underground infrastructure and replenish its rocket arsenal. Israeli security sources in March said that Hamas has invested considerable effort in digging a new tunnel network within the coastal enclave, as well as several tunnels meant for eventual cross-border attacks. But according to those sources, the terror organization was being careful to avoid crossing into Israeli soil, in order to avoid an eruption of hostilities.

Meanwhile, the physical and economic situation of Gaza’s residents hasn’t changed much. Heavy rains earlier this week left several main streets in the Strip flooded. Temporary housing units for refugees who fled their homes after this past summer’s war between Israel and Hamas were flooded as well. The Rafah border crossing from the Gaza Strip into Egypt remains shut, and the ongoing wage crisis involving Hamas and the Palestinian Authority has not been resolved. The general reconstruction of Gaza continues to be delayed, and the rebuilding of 17,000 houses to replace the those destroyed during Operation Protective Edge has not yet started either.

Egypt introduces life in jail as penalty for tunnelling

Egypt introduces life in jail as penalty for tunnelling

The sound of crickets, tumbleweed rolling by.. Far away a raven calls. The sound of silence as the oh so committed to gaza international community ignores these extremely harsh measures whilst decrying to high heaven the legitimate self defense of Israel against same tunnels….

Hypocrisy exemplified. You’ve lost all credibility if even you had any.

An amendment to the Egyptian penal code imposing life in jail for builders or users of cross-border tunnels has been ordered by presidential decree. The penalty also applies to people with knowledge of tunnels who fail to report them to the authorities. The Egyptian government was authorized to seize buildings at the top of tunnels and any equipment for digging them. Cairo hopes to deter the building of tunnels running between the Gaza Strip and Sinai which are used for the transfer of illegal arms, equipment and terrorist manpower.


Turkey on it’s way backwards in time

Turkey on it’s way backwards in time

Endless tomes have been written about the islamic ideology. Socalled scholars bitterly dispute minute details due to the problem of the sunna being replete with badly interpreted/translated verses which in turn are based on a scripture lacking proper identification of vowels. Even if one would be capable of getting the ‘right’ word one still has to cope with the origins of said scriptures, being penned down from oral repetition sang around desert campfires during a long period where it was sculpted by various other sources such as the Torah/old testament, and the Christian interpretation thereof.

So delving into that morass of word-feud is pretty pointless. So how does one properly interpret this ideology? Well obviously by the deeds performed in the name of it.

A good example is Turkey which after Ataturk became a relatively modern secular version of it. It didn’t last. Today Turkey is well under way to becoming the same kind of totally failed nations so common when fallen under Islamic rule. The proof is in the eating of the pudding and it tastes pretty awful.

In Islam, “shirk” is an unforgivable sin, as it constitutes polytheism. The Quran strictly bans any Muslim to associate human beings with God. Ironically, “shirk” is a popular pastime among Erdogan’s devout Muslim fans. As Turkish columnist Mustafa Akyol reminded readers in a recent article, a government deputy declared in 2011 that “even touching Erdogan is a form of worship,” and in 2014 another government deputy proclaimed that Erdogan “carries all the attributes of Allah in himself.”
Turkey looks more like Putin’s Russia than any member of the European club it theoretically hopes to join.

Akyol writes that a recent book, “Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The Sun of the Age,” proudly refers to the president as “an idol for our youth,” which would sound bizarre, if not heretical, to the average Islamist. “Such views, heretical from a traditional Islamic perspective, were criticized and ridiculed by Erdogan’s opponents, but he conspicuously said nothing,” Akyol comments.

Erdogan, who has never hidden his appreciation for praise and rigid intolerance of criticism, may be happy for being portrayed as “The Sun of the Age,” or by being associated with Allah. He probably believes that he possesses near-holy qualities gifted to him by Allah for the advancement of Islam as a political ideology, both in Turkey and in the former Ottoman lands.

He may not be aware that he is merely ridiculing himself when his propaganda machinery, too, excessively pleases him with funny overdoses of praise. That would be just his problem. But then there are the casualties such as a judiciary, fully loyal to him, which carries out ugly witch-hunts against his opponents — who number in the tens of millions. Each day Turkey looks more like Putin’s Russia than any member of the European club it theoretically hopes to join.


India recognizes Greenpeace as ecoterrorists

India recognizes Greenpeace as ecoterrorists

Finally reality catches up with this multi-million $ terror operation, Russia gave a good signals by imprisoning a bunch of them, Peru exploded in anger at their disregard for millennia old sites, and now India who goes that one step further necessary to get rid of these pests. Hope that many countries may follow…

India does not need Greenpeace Anarchism

The Indian government has decided to suspend Greenpeace India’s ability to receive foreign funds and has frozen its bank accounts. The Indian government has said that Greenpeace has “prejudicially affected the economic interest of the state”. Also the government has asked Greenpeace India to issue a show cause notice on why its registration should not be ended.


Obesity both lowers and increases dementia risk

Obesity both lowers and increases dementia risk

Obese ‘have lower dementia risk

Being underweight in middle age and old age carries an increased risk of dementia over two decades. Our results contradict the hypothesis that obesity in middle age could increase the risk of dementia in old age. The reasons for and public health consequences of these findings need further investigation.

Funding: None

The Lancet
And wait for it:

Midlife overweight and obesity increase late-life dementia risk

Conclusions: Both overweight and obesity at midlife independently increase the risk of dementia, AD, and VaD. Genetic and early-life environmental factors may contribute to the midlife high adiposity–dementia association.

Funding: The National Institute on Aging (R01-AG08724), the Swedish Research Councils (FAS-09-0632), and the Swedish Brain Power. Also supported in part by funds from the Gamla Tjänarinnor, the Bertil Stohnes Foundation, the Demensfonden, the Loo and Hans Ostermans Foundation, and the Foundation for Geriatric Diseases at Karolinska Institutet.

Journal of Neurology

Great stuff, science….

Btw: Picture Healthy Centenarian

What The Environmental Movement Should Learn From Religion: That They’re A Religion

What The Environmental Movement Should Learn From Religion: That They’re A Religion

This past weekend, 2 billion Christians celebrated Easter, when Jesus was a martyr for the sins of man. The weekend before that, environmentalists celebrated ignorance, poverty, and backwardness under the name Earth Hour, and they wondered why more people did not help them crash the grid to save the world.

There is one big reason.

Religion has no small amount of fear and blame and, if you are Catholic, some guilt. Environmentalism has those also yet they don’t have 5 billion members the way religion does because they lack the one important thing: Religion offers salvation along with the guilt.

Environmentalism doesn’t, at least not yet – ‘be a wealthy elite who can afford solar power and organic food’ isn’t really a road map to forgiveness everyone can follow – but once they figure out a real salvation solution rather than just bouncing from fundraising cause to fundraising cause, all the other pieces are there for Gaia to take her place among true religions.

Currently Gaia already has:

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Race, Gender, and Collective Schizophrenia in Turkey

Race, Gender, and Collective Schizophrenia in Turkey

If countries were human beings and could be put to a therapist’s chair, Turkey would probably be sent to a clinic instead of being prescribed regular sessions. Before one overcomes the shock from one absurdity, one would be showered by five more (often heavier) blows.

Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç’s recent remarks that “There is no racism in Turkey” and “When we look at Europe and other countries we see how far behind us they are and we feel really sorry” sounded rather like a Saudi prince saying “There is no gender discrimination in the Kingdom” or “When we look at Europe and other countries we see how far behind us they are in gender equality and we feel sorry.”

True, in democracies individuals have a right to say whatever they want at the expense of sounding weird. But apparently there is a tendency in Turkey to abuse that right.

Why, otherwise, would the vice president of an NGO promoting women’s rights recommend that male children inherit more than their female siblings? That is precisely what Sümeyye Erdoğan, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s daughter and the vice president of the Woman and Democracy Association (KADEM), said in a recent speech.

Ms. Erdoğan rejects any link between Islam and gender inequality in most Muslim countries. But how does she justify the inequality between the two sexes when it comes to inheritance, in light of the Muslim holy book that commands that “God decrees a will for the benefit of your children; the male gets twice the share of the female”?

Simple. Ms. Erdoğan, the promoter of women’s rights, said the following:

They ask why daughters are given lower shares from a will while sons receive more. But when we look closely, we see that men are assigned the responsibility for bringing the bread home, while women are not. So naturally giving higher inheritance shares to men is normal, fair and righteous.

But what if the male and female children of the family decide not to marry and take the responsibility to earn a family’s living? What if the male child prefers to spend his money on gambling while his widow sister has to raise four children?