Turkey on it’s way backwards in time

Turkey on it’s way backwards in time

Endless tomes have been written about the islamic ideology. Socalled scholars bitterly dispute minute details due to the problem of the sunna being replete with badly interpreted/translated verses which in turn are based on a scripture lacking proper identification of vowels. Even if one would be capable of getting the ‘right’ word one still has to cope with the origins of said scriptures, being penned down from oral repetition sang around desert campfires during a long period where it was sculpted by various other sources such as the Torah/old testament, and the Christian interpretation thereof.

So delving into that morass of word-feud is pretty pointless. So how does one properly interpret this ideology? Well obviously by the deeds performed in the name of it.

A good example is Turkey which after Ataturk became a relatively modern secular version of it. It didn’t last. Today Turkey is well under way to becoming the same kind of totally failed nations so common when fallen under Islamic rule. The proof is in the eating of the pudding and it tastes pretty awful.

In Islam, “shirk” is an unforgivable sin, as it constitutes polytheism. The Quran strictly bans any Muslim to associate human beings with God. Ironically, “shirk” is a popular pastime among Erdogan’s devout Muslim fans. As Turkish columnist Mustafa Akyol reminded readers in a recent article, a government deputy declared in 2011 that “even touching Erdogan is a form of worship,” and in 2014 another government deputy proclaimed that Erdogan “carries all the attributes of Allah in himself.”
Turkey looks more like Putin’s Russia than any member of the European club it theoretically hopes to join.

Akyol writes that a recent book, “Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The Sun of the Age,” proudly refers to the president as “an idol for our youth,” which would sound bizarre, if not heretical, to the average Islamist. “Such views, heretical from a traditional Islamic perspective, were criticized and ridiculed by Erdogan’s opponents, but he conspicuously said nothing,” Akyol comments.

Erdogan, who has never hidden his appreciation for praise and rigid intolerance of criticism, may be happy for being portrayed as “The Sun of the Age,” or by being associated with Allah. He probably believes that he possesses near-holy qualities gifted to him by Allah for the advancement of Islam as a political ideology, both in Turkey and in the former Ottoman lands.

He may not be aware that he is merely ridiculing himself when his propaganda machinery, too, excessively pleases him with funny overdoses of praise. That would be just his problem. But then there are the casualties such as a judiciary, fully loyal to him, which carries out ugly witch-hunts against his opponents — who number in the tens of millions. Each day Turkey looks more like Putin’s Russia than any member of the European club it theoretically hopes to join.


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