How we make ourselves stupid, idiocracy in action

How we make ourselves stupid, idiocracy in action

Now that due to the AGW scandal the diverse self reviewing peer networks have been proven to exist there is absolutely no reason to assume they don’t exist in other branches of science.

After all they are governed by the same laws of need to publicize, character traits needed to become a top dog and just plain human nature coupled with the downgrading of educational norms.

Since the 1960’s education became a mass product, and logically it had to adapt to the lowest common denominator. Having 90% fail their grades just isn’t a good advertisement for your education centers. So over the decades with each new assessment levels to make the grade got realigned with the average.

The result after all the generations of mediocre students which are the norm setting the norm the stakes against a true scholar making it are minimal outclassed by the majority clawing their way up.

It’s nice, high moral ideas of the right for education for all, but all it does is just making everyone just as incompetent as the the majority.

If einstein or bohr nowadays applied they’d never ever even got close to publication. To name a few. Good luck science, you’ll need it

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