Black vs White

Black vs White

It’s hard to understand for anyone outside the United states of America the current obsession with color of skin. Yes, i do know about slavery, yes i do know that only in the 1960’s non whites got the same rights as whites.

To put things in perspective, about the same time in Europe women got the same rights as men (of any color).

What is hardest to understand is what is ‘black’? The ‘black’ community…. No really black person exists in the USA nowadays except from the few newly arrived immigrants from Africa. All those having been born since the abolition have some degree of interracial mixing making them not black, hardly even brown. Most famously the current president who apart from having light negroid features is as former president from Italy Berlusconi so aptly noted: ‘well tanned”.

So evidently ‘black’ is a container abstract, mixing anyone who isn’t strictly Caucasian in one big group. As such a ‘black’ community can’t really exist. The diversity in ethnicity, presumed race and skin coloration is such that no one can make a coherent homogeneous definition.

All one can observe remotely, mostly objectively, is that some populists use the moniker to further their own cause. And as is the norm for humans ’cause’ stands for their own ends. Much has been said about how the ‘blacks’ are being institutionally singled out for persecution, police brutality, over representation in the ranks of unemployment, crime, drug abuse and what have you.

Whilst statistically this all is true the real cause of non whites being over represented in those groups the discussion as to the reason why centers mostly on the guilt inheritance of the slavery times.
It is all the fault of those days.

Objectively the inherent racism really does exist, but not to the point of being the biggest factor in the failure of the ‘black’ community to really integrate and participate. Overall the myth of inheritable victim-hood instills in those communities the lack of incentive, the feeling of entitlement a sense of being due a more than even chance at the accomplishments of modern society. Having the highest rate of school dropouts is in that framing not their fault, but the fault of the ‘system’ being geared against them.

This self perpetuating sense of being ‘due’ is what causes the inability to self-reflect. The circle of cause (feeling of being victim) and effect (waiting to be compensated) is the root of current schism between the haves and the have nots.
In my view it’s exactly like the complaint of feminists not getting the highest most rewarding jobs.

Officially, by law, everyone is equal. Setting aside the minority of real racists and misogynists anyone has an equal opportunity to get ahead. But for sure, speaking some incomprehensible street lingo or behaving like being entitled to a share, to dress extremely out of sync, to be tattooed , pierced or whatever is not going to enhance ones chances. So if there is a clear discrepancy between getting accepted and representation as part of the population it’s best to first look at yourself rather than blame the other.

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