Hypocrisy is rife

Hypocrisy is rife

A monument is being erected 70+ years after WW2 for those who helped jews take shelter from the germans. 100s of 1000’s saved is proudly acclaimed. Given that the germans paid the then vast sum of 2.50 guilders Guilder value for every jew turned in, and it was as easy as pie to after that take possession of the properties of the jew (for example their house complete with furniture and all other belongings) turned in it isn’t hard to understand why only 100s of 1000’s (if that number is even true) were saved but millions were transported to deathcamps.

Imho it would be best if they stop trying to rewrite history, every-time they open this can of worms they show their disgusting hypocrisy and ugliness.

Nowadays again jews risk their existence due the fact they are jews, but apart from some platitudes nobody does anything to stop the rekindled jewhate, worse even public cries of Death to the jews during demonstrations get BS’d away by local functionaries.

The stage is again being set for the next holocaust while the old guard still dances on the graves of the last one. It makes me sick.

Tens of thousands of Dutch people in World War II people to go underground to keep them out of the hands of the Germans. For these so-called shelter providers a monument unveiled Friday at Camp Amersfoort, reports the ANP.

Camp Amersfoort, according to the Foundation Shelter Providers a historical place, because people who were caught hiding in the house were taken to the camp. Many have the enormous risk that they took paid with death. Among others Amsterdam Anne Frank and her family were hiding, arrived at Camp Amersfoort justified.

“The shelter providers have hundreds of thousands of saved lives. They worked during the war in silence and in secret. They deserve a national tribute to their courage and heroism,” said Jos Pothof, secretary of the foundation.

Ronald Leopold, director of the Anne Frank House, unveils the monument designed by artist Eric Claus.

Dutch language source

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