The Problems Facing Gas Power Stations In Germany

Germany is the world leader in showing how not to generate energy. As energy prices climb due to the steep maintenance cost of ‘renewables’ and their inherent inefficiency citizens will suffer the consequences.


By Paul Homewood


PEI report:

A new state-of-the-art gas-fired power plant in Bavaria, Germany may have to be closed due to lack of profitability.
While the German government paid owner E.ON to keep the Irsching plant open in 2013 in order to secure access to base load generation on a one off arrangement, the continuing crisis in the sector might see the facility closed in 2016.
Dr Dr. Adrian Schaffranietz, Political Affairs and Corporate Communications Officer with E.ON told
Power Engineering International, “The economic prospects of the Irsching gas-fired power plant are extremely critical. The changed energy policy environment has marginalized its position in the market to a point where it can hardly recoup its costs. With the market situation having deteriorated further over the last few years, the plant’s continued operation after the end of the present contractual arrangement is at risk.”


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