How we make ourselves stupid, idiocracy in action

How we make ourselves stupid, idiocracy in action

Now that due to the AGW scandal the diverse self reviewing peer networks have been proven to exist there is absolutely no reason to assume they don’t exist in other branches of science.

After all they are governed by the same laws of need to publicize, character traits needed to become a top dog and just plain human nature coupled with the downgrading of educational norms.

Since the 1960’s education became a mass product, and logically it had to adapt to the lowest common denominator. Having 90% fail their grades just isn’t a good advertisement for your education centers. So over the decades with each new assessment levels to make the grade got realigned with the average.

The result after all the generations of mediocre students which are the norm setting the norm the stakes against a true scholar making it are minimal outclassed by the majority clawing their way up.

It’s nice, high moral ideas of the right for education for all, but all it does is just making everyone just as incompetent as the the majority.

If einstein or bohr nowadays applied they’d never ever even got close to publication. To name a few. Good luck science, you’ll need it

When Politics Come Up Against Reality

sigh… How to destroy your nation 101


By Paul Homewood


PEI report on the mess that Germany has made with nuclear power:

The prospect of the German taxpayer paying to cover nuclear reactor shutdowns is a live one as utilities continue to struggle, according to a government report.
As part of the country’s
Energiewende (energy transition) policy, Angela Merkels government decided to phase out nuclear power by 2022 but the expense involved in storing the waste and decommissioning the plants may prove beyond power companies.
Utility executives say more specifics on plans are needed.


“There are still no clear answers to many fundamental questions involving final and intermediate storage, dismantling [reactors] and transporting radioactive waste,” said Frank Mastiaux, chief executive of EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, one of Germany’s largest utility companies. “Concrete concepts have long been promised, but there is nothing yet in sight.”
That move forced EnBW and Germany’s other big…

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Black vs White

Black vs White

It’s hard to understand for anyone outside the United states of America the current obsession with color of skin. Yes, i do know about slavery, yes i do know that only in the 1960’s non whites got the same rights as whites.

To put things in perspective, about the same time in Europe women got the same rights as men (of any color).

What is hardest to understand is what is ‘black’? The ‘black’ community…. No really black person exists in the USA nowadays except from the few newly arrived immigrants from Africa. All those having been born since the abolition have some degree of interracial mixing making them not black, hardly even brown. Most famously the current president who apart from having light negroid features is as former president from Italy Berlusconi so aptly noted: ‘well tanned”.

So evidently ‘black’ is a container abstract, mixing anyone who isn’t strictly Caucasian in one big group. As such a ‘black’ community can’t really exist. The diversity in ethnicity, presumed race and skin coloration is such that no one can make a coherent homogeneous definition.

All one can observe remotely, mostly objectively, is that some populists use the moniker to further their own cause. And as is the norm for humans ’cause’ stands for their own ends. Much has been said about how the ‘blacks’ are being institutionally singled out for persecution, police brutality, over representation in the ranks of unemployment, crime, drug abuse and what have you.

Whilst statistically this all is true the real cause of non whites being over represented in those groups the discussion as to the reason why centers mostly on the guilt inheritance of the slavery times.
It is all the fault of those days.

Objectively the inherent racism really does exist, but not to the point of being the biggest factor in the failure of the ‘black’ community to really integrate and participate. Overall the myth of inheritable victim-hood instills in those communities the lack of incentive, the feeling of entitlement a sense of being due a more than even chance at the accomplishments of modern society. Having the highest rate of school dropouts is in that framing not their fault, but the fault of the ‘system’ being geared against them.

This self perpetuating sense of being ‘due’ is what causes the inability to self-reflect. The circle of cause (feeling of being victim) and effect (waiting to be compensated) is the root of current schism between the haves and the have nots.
In my view it’s exactly like the complaint of feminists not getting the highest most rewarding jobs.

Officially, by law, everyone is equal. Setting aside the minority of real racists and misogynists anyone has an equal opportunity to get ahead. But for sure, speaking some incomprehensible street lingo or behaving like being entitled to a share, to dress extremely out of sync, to be tattooed , pierced or whatever is not going to enhance ones chances. So if there is a clear discrepancy between getting accepted and representation as part of the population it’s best to first look at yourself rather than blame the other.

Gaza’s weight-loss centers

Gaza’s weight-loss centers

It’s often been observed that the cisjordanians and gazans have some the highest living standards in the middle east amongst the islam peoples. Now it’s coming to the point obesity in gaza rises enormously. It’s clear that the myth of the ‘starving gazan’s’ has been definitively debunked.

Gaza’s weight-loss centers

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Mona Hussein’s diabetes and hypertension, acquired during a pregnancy two years ago, have pushed her to see a dietitian. Her social life has deteriorated due to her obesity, as she now weighs 95 kilograms (209 pounds).

Hussein, 30, told Al-Monitor, “My desire to wear a smaller size has increased my excitement. I want to participate in all social occasions without being ashamed [of my body]. Not to mention the awkward situations I found myself in and the criticism against my figure that worsened due to my excessive weight.”

Though Mona was concerned about the possible repercussions of a diet on her health, she found a doctor who has helped her adopt a diet to help her lose weight in a healthy fashion. She believes she has made the right choice.

Samah Khaled, 26, from Gaza City, believes that her excess weight has stood in the way of her finding a husband, so five months ago she consulted a dietitian and has now lost over 40 kilograms (88 pounds).

“In an attempt to change my social life and enter a new phase, especially since most of my friends are now married, I decided to resort to a dietitian to lose weight and have a better figure. I was more convinced by the idea of diets after meeting women who lost a large part of their body weight,” she explained.

Samah said that her psychological state has improved since her weight loss, as have her chances at finding a husband.

Obesity has become prevalent in the Gaza Strip, as confirmed by the increasing demand on dietitians. Ata Qaisi, health care consultant and owner of Gaza City’s Diet Center, said obesity can have negative repercussions on a person’s life, making him or her more vulnerable to hypertension, diabetes and joint pain. Obese women are also more susceptible to pregnancy complications and miscarriages, according to Qaisi.





It is hard to understate the implications of the UK’s growing exposure to wind for its electricity. According to the Royal Academy of Engineering, which is sympathetic to renewables, it requires ‘a fundamental shift in society’s attitude to and use of energy.’ Success, the Academy says, depends on the ability to manage demand to reflect the output from wind, going on to note that despite increasing efforts to research demand management techniques (to match consumption to the variability of the weather), ‘there is still much uncertainty on how effective it will be and at what cost.’ So called ‘smart grids’ will be vital, the Academy says, but their potential and effectiveness at scale ‘are yet to be proven.’

Electricity has a set of uniquely demanding characteristics:
◾It cannot be stored, except to a limited extent, with batteries and pumped hydro, and that storage is limited and incurs a cost;
◾Supply must respond almost instantaneously to demand;
◾If too little is produced, there is a danger of degraded quality and, eventually, of power cuts, which are costly to users;
◾Too much production can damage the transmission system, leading to wires becoming deformed or even melting;
◾Failing to equalise demand and supply can also lead to changes in the frequency of the power supply – too high, and it can damage appliances; too low, equipment can underperform.

Wind and solar technologies pose huge integration challenges. They are difficult to predict, particularly wind, which is highly variable – on gusty days, wind speeds can vary enormously over a few minutes or even seconds. According to Malcolm Grimston of Imperial College, London, low wind speed tends to be weakly correlated with high power demand (cold, windless winter evenings and hot, windless summer days). Depending on how wind-generated electricity is connected to the grid, large amounts of wind power can reduce system inertia and make it less stable.


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Hypocrisy is rife

Hypocrisy is rife

A monument is being erected 70+ years after WW2 for those who helped jews take shelter from the germans. 100s of 1000’s saved is proudly acclaimed. Given that the germans paid the then vast sum of 2.50 guilders Guilder value for every jew turned in, and it was as easy as pie to after that take possession of the properties of the jew (for example their house complete with furniture and all other belongings) turned in it isn’t hard to understand why only 100s of 1000’s (if that number is even true) were saved but millions were transported to deathcamps.

Imho it would be best if they stop trying to rewrite history, every-time they open this can of worms they show their disgusting hypocrisy and ugliness.

Nowadays again jews risk their existence due the fact they are jews, but apart from some platitudes nobody does anything to stop the rekindled jewhate, worse even public cries of Death to the jews during demonstrations get BS’d away by local functionaries.

The stage is again being set for the next holocaust while the old guard still dances on the graves of the last one. It makes me sick.

Tens of thousands of Dutch people in World War II people to go underground to keep them out of the hands of the Germans. For these so-called shelter providers a monument unveiled Friday at Camp Amersfoort, reports the ANP.

Camp Amersfoort, according to the Foundation Shelter Providers a historical place, because people who were caught hiding in the house were taken to the camp. Many have the enormous risk that they took paid with death. Among others Amsterdam Anne Frank and her family were hiding, arrived at Camp Amersfoort justified.

“The shelter providers have hundreds of thousands of saved lives. They worked during the war in silence and in secret. They deserve a national tribute to their courage and heroism,” said Jos Pothof, secretary of the foundation.

Ronald Leopold, director of the Anne Frank House, unveils the monument designed by artist Eric Claus.

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