The bleak future of solar power

The bleak future of solar power

Yet another red flag for the ‘energy for free’ cult. Unfortunately still billions will be spent before it sinks in that the laws of thermodynamics continue to dominate the macro cosmos. No perpetuum mobile such as ‘renewable energy’ can exist. One way or another the transformation of energy from one form to another comes with losses and they cost money. Some form of transformation are very efficient, logically direct matter/energy transformation is most efficient. Quite efficient is the oxidation of stored energy such as in fossil fuels, or the use of gravity in the form of hydro.

Anything after that gets to be less and less efficient with solar and wind energy about the most inefficient. I could post all kinds of reasons why but i prefer to just point at reality, the clear examples of where the ‘renewables’ fail in various implementations, in various nations.

Here on my blog i posted dozens of real life examples already and here is yet another:

Australia: Solar experts claim multi-billion dollar subsidies wasted on cheap and dodgy panels

More Australians are buying cheap rooftop solar panels that fail long before their promised lifespan, prompting claims a federal rebate scheme needs to be overhauled to prevent dodgy systems receiving public subsidies.

Solar industry experts say lax rules covering the scheme – which provides incentives of up to $4350 for a $5500 rooftop system – mean it is not always delivering the environmental benefits promised.

They blame an explosion of cheap, mainly Chinese-produced solar panels that have flooded the market over the past five years that are failing to provide the 15 years of clean power expected. Installers in four states told Fairfax Media that the worst systems stopped working within 12 months, with others “falling apart” within two or three years.

Problems reported include silicon that cannot stand up to the Australian sun, water egress in panels, fires and defective inverters. The term “landfill solar” is used in the industry to describe dodgy solar systems of uncertain origin.

Full Article

Here the attempt to reduce cost of solar panels to acceptable (economically viable) levels results in proof how solar just isn’t going to be so. Millions of subsidies (and who pays them the receivers evidently are not bright enough to understand) are necessary to keep the price per kW/h somewhat within the upper region.

Where France’s nuclear reactors pump out steady, reliable, safe energy at prices in the lowest regions nations like Denmark, Germany, Britain now depend on dodgy unreliable expensive power at top prices. And than still not being to able to diminish the stated goal of  CO2 output by any meaningful amount.

Luckily so for the plants and thereby our food supply CO2 does still rise but what a waste of money. With the amounts thrown away at the pipedream of ‘renewable’ energy all subsistence farmers in the world could have been provided with the means to become surplus producers.

The folly of man knows no bounds.

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