Greenpeace is failing to be ‘honest’

Greenpeace is failing to be ‘honest’

Since the day greenpeace devolved from a true environmentally concerned group of volunteers to a multi-million dollar industry their need for a ’cause’ rose exponentially leading to an endless stream of false claims.
From acid rain via ozone holes to climate change they hitched to the bandwagon of instigating fear.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt became their main modus operandi leading to massacres of Africans by pushing to ban DDT, causing vitamin deficit in the most vulnerable populations by maligning GMO crops, keeping those in a state of subsistence by ‘banning’ all forms of sensible power generation.

It is hard to find an NGO so hellbent on oppressing the weak whilst gaining millions in the process. Finally even the EU (not known for their sensible decisions) has started to question greenpeace methods & motives. Whilst the founder of greenpeace denounced the organization a long time ago, it still took the EU years to realize which kind of (ir)rationale guided the current day warriors.

But at last, the former EU scientific adviser came out of the closet and denounced (albeit very carefully, she still needs to work somewhere) greenpeace.

Professor Anne Glover, the former chief science adviser to the European Commission, accuses Greenpeace of ‘ignoring the evidence’ about the benefits of GM crops

Article in The Telegraph

It’s a start, let’s hope it leads to people waking up and stop mindlessly donating to this NGO.

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