The descending spiral of education

The descending spiral of education

It was (and is) a commendable position to take, education should be open to anyone regardless of origin, money, color, creed etc. However there is a downside. The reason why there is a median of capacities is that evidently because some are more capable than others simply because the luck of the genetic draw.

The really capable are the exceptions, as are the really incapable. Unfortunately education is not fluid, it’s a mass product in order to be as open as possible. Which leads to the educational standards to adapt to the mean. With the influx of less capable standards automatically go down in order to have a high enough scholarly success rate .

Since  the 1970’s educational levels have been steadily declining as is shown amongst others by the many ‘fun’ studies which have no to little community use but do produce many PhD’s. This system is self-enforcing, lower levels of education lead to lower level educators, which …..

A point in case is this scary piece:

Delaying Exams Is Not a Request from ‘Coddled Millennials’

Oh yes it is! How silly can you get?


3 thoughts on “The descending spiral of education

    • Demanding special treatment is the proof of the sense of baseless entitlement those ‘students’ have (wtf did you do to deserve this special treatment?), defending the indefensible is the proof of how far down the ladder of capacity one is. Both are reprehensible regardless if the protest in itself is inherently idiotic. Everyone has the right to be stupid, nobody has the right to demand special privileges for it.


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