Ode to banned, lifesaving DDT

Ode to banned, lifesaving DDT

But environmentalists understand the real issue here, and it isn’t just about bed bugs. It’s all about lifting the ban on DDT that would be far reaching. The article goes on to say, “a local environmentalist and chemical scientist say thinking about bringing back powerful and banned chemicals is a bad idea.”

There is the real issue in a nut shell. If DDT’s ban is lifted then there will be serious efforts to do what this newly elected official wants to do when he uttered the most frightening words no green activist ever wants to hear: “I need to take a closer look at the science, but there are chemical solutions and I’d like to revisit that”.

The raw emotion created by Rachel Carson’s fallacious diatribe in her successful “science fiction” book Silent Spring against chemical pesticides is long past, and any honest scientific effort to revisit all these laws and regulations used since 1972 to eliminate these life saving products from the marketplace would devastate their movement. Carson’s claim about how the poor robin was going to disappear was not only wrong she was deliberately lying. The claims about bird shell thinning was a lie based on studies that deliberately eliminated calcium from the test bird’s diets. Carson had to know all of that and deliberately lied.

Scientists – if that’s what you choose to call them – have been going along with this propaganda for decades because it’s profitable, and as the years have gone by I have discovered these people are incapable of ramping up the moral fiber to be the rock in the current. ….[T]he ban on DDT is foundational to the green movement. If that’s overturned their foundation of sand will start to crumble and eventually everything they have promoted will be called into question. That’s a day that’s long overdue! The green movement’s success has been humanity’s nightmare. The…green monsters of the 20th century have left human devastation in their wake.

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