German power grid at risk of widespread blackouts

Yet another example of reality meeting wishful thinking. If only they hadn’t bet their entire economy on ‘alternative’ energy… Now they’re just without anywhere to go but onwards on this wasteful path. The incredible disregard for laws of nature is stunning especially since Angela Merkel has a beta background. Perpetual motion machines are just not possible so obviously there is a huge price to pay for inefficient unreliable energy production. It boggles the mind how delusional an entire population can become. Luckily they serve as a good example on how not to do it. For that non-germans can be thankful

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[image credit: Wikipedia] [image credit: Wikipedia]
Pierre Gosselin at Notrickszone reports:

‘There was a time when Germany’s power was mostly generated by the traditional sources of coal, nuclear, oil, natural gas and hydro. These sources were reliable and keeping the power grid under control was a routine matter. Germany’s power grid was among the most stable worldwide. But then came Germany’s renewable energy feed-in act, and with it the very volatile sources of sun and wind.’

‘As a result, today’s German power grid has become a precarious balancing act, and keeping it from collapsing under the load of wild fluctuations has become a real challenge.’

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