German power grid at risk of widespread blackouts

Yet another example of reality meeting wishful thinking. If only they hadn’t bet their entire economy on ‘alternative’ energy… Now they’re just without anywhere to go but onwards on this wasteful path. The incredible disregard for laws of nature is stunning especially since Angela Merkel has a beta background. Perpetual motion machines are just not possible so obviously there is a huge price to pay for inefficient unreliable energy production. It boggles the mind how delusional an entire population can become. Luckily they serve as a good example on how not to do it. For that non-germans can be thankful

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Pierre Gosselin at Notrickszone reports:

‘There was a time when Germany’s power was mostly generated by the traditional sources of coal, nuclear, oil, natural gas and hydro. These sources were reliable and keeping the power grid under control was a routine matter. Germany’s power grid was among the most stable worldwide. But then came Germany’s renewable energy feed-in act, and with it the very volatile sources of sun and wind.’

‘As a result, today’s German power grid has become a precarious balancing act, and keeping it from collapsing under the load of wild fluctuations has become a real challenge.’

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Hopeless disinformation on GMO

A recent New Yorker article by Michael Specter does an excellent job of putting the activism of anti-GMO campaigner, Vandana Shiva, into perspective. Shiva has since written a very critical response to Specter, and The New Yorker has responded to Shiva. The exchange is very enlightening.

Shiva is a dedicated anti-GMO activist, perhaps the most widely known and successful in the world. Specter paints a picture of Shiva as more than an ideologue – a “demagogue” who has created a dramatic narrative that is meant to frighten the public about GMOs, but has little to do with reality. For Shiva, her anti-GMO stance is part of a broader economic and social ideology. In her vision of the world, local farmers would feed the world with organic farming, without fertilizer or corporate involvement. The actual science about GMOs seems to be irrelevant to her narrative.

Story about Madwoman devoid of reason

JAMA Forum: High-tech Care Can Save Lives—But it Also May Create Incentives That Result in Lives Lost

JAMA Forum: High-tech Care Can Save Lives—But it Also May Create Incentives That Result in Lives Lost


Austin B. Frakt, PhD Austin B. Frakt, PhD

In a news story about the care provided to premature infants in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), reporter Alex Halperin illuminated the miracles and unintended consequences of health care technology. With the use of modern methods, vastly more premature infants now survive early birth—often by many weeks, even months—than was imagined possible a few decades ago. That’s amazing.

It’s also extremely expensive. The cost of medical care for a single premature infant can total hundreds of thousands, even a million dollars, in just the first several months.

Of course, insurance cushions the financial blow for families with coverage. The large insurance payments that hospitals with NICUs receive for saving premature infants’ lives are also good business. Halperin documented how high insurance payments for NICU care help subsidize less profitable hospital services. This serves as an incentive for hospitals to invest in NICUs and to expand the…

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BBC R4 promotes unchallenged anti-Israel propaganda and warped histories of Jerusalem

BBC is nowadays a spokesperson for the Islamic State it seems. Their uniquely warped view of reality mostly fits in with the viewpoints professed by the more radical of the ideology

BBC Watch

On September 3rd BBC Radio 4 aired an edition of a programme called ‘Agree to Differ’ which will be repeated on the evening of September 6th and is available here. The title of the edition is “Jerusalem” and the programme is presented by Matthew Taylor – today the chief executive of the RSA and formerly Chief Adviser on Political Strategy to Tony Blair during his premiership.R4 Agree to Differ

At the beginning of the programme Taylor informs listeners:

“…we’re going to give you a completely new way to understand a controversial issue and to decide where you stand.”

“We’re looking at a dispute that’s almost as old as civilization itself. We’re exploring the respective claims of Palestinians and Israelis over the city of Jerusalem.”

That historical illiteracy unfortunately continues throughout the programme with Taylor promoting a variety of bizarre and inaccurate interpretations of historic, political and legal issues as we…

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