That Silly Coal Speech

No additional comment needed. This woman knows her stuff and his a mission

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UN officials need to stop dressing up political arguments as science.

Christiana Figueres is a United Nations employee. To be precise, she’s an unelected bureaucrat. As Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC – which stands for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – her job is to keep that climate treaty alive.

She is appointed by the UN, takes direction from people more senior than her at the UN, and is paid by the UN to advance its objectives.

Last week, when she addressed a meeting of the World Coal Association in Warsaw, I was one of the journalists in attendance. Most of her remarks amount to unmitigated nonsense (see the full text of her speech here). For the moment, let’s examine five paragraphs in particular:

The science is clear. The IPCC Fifth Assessment Report outlines our predicament. We are at unprecedented GHG concentrations in the atmosphere…

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