data trumps religion …

Not that any are needed, but yet another nail in the coffin of the ‘it’s worse the we thought’ religion


Climate Progress is that socialist, progressive site, that incorporated their blog with ThinkProgress due to limited reader page views … nothing’s changed, they still have no clues, pandering to the ideology as usual. Guess what? Wrong again. The court got it right.

Of course they wont bother to look up the tidal data, the island is growing, like most coral atolls. The SST’s are cooling too …

Rejecting Man’s Bid for Refugee status, Court Rules Climate Change Is Not ‘Persecution’
Though the ocean is slowly swallowing his home island nation, 37-year-old Ioane Teitota cannot be deemed a ‘climate change refugee’ and cannot seek permanent asylum in New Zealand.

Of course they could have done a search, but the agenda would have been uncovered. Like this:About 2,740,000 results for Kiribati drowning, except it’s not. The island is growing in size:

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