Republic of the Philippines , Evolution has an urgent message for you

If we disconnect the horrifying images of sufferance and death of a people from the facts an image appears that leaves nothing to the imagination. Since their existence on that place on the globe hurricanes, typhoons, storms of whichever nature have made landfall there many many times a year. So the arrival of yet another one is not a surprise, it’s a given. A dead certainty. The only thing not certain is it’s severity.

Evolution has a system where it weeds out unfit for survival lifeforms by taxing it with stresses and those who cope survive, those who don’t don’t. It’s a very fair system, it has no value judgments, it’s perfectly neutral.

So here evolution is knocking on the door of the Republic of the Philippines saying: Listen, for ages you know you’re going to get hammered for certain. Why in hell didn’t you already take preventative measures?

Sure, the world steps in, again, and then we step in again, and again, and again and now it’s 2013 and the world keeps on stepping in. Isn’t it about time the world says, ok enough is enough now you’re going to make disaster scenario’s, rehearse them regularly, built resistant communication systems, built proper shelters, stock emergency food, pick your habitation zones such they stand least risk of being flattened, build your homes in such a way the big bad wolf couldn’t knock them over with one puff and tons of other measures that can spare us the images of death and destruction every time a storm knocks on the door.

We’ll help. We’ll send engineers. But just do something already because this is getting ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “Republic of the Philippines , Evolution has an urgent message for you

  1. I totally agree. We as a people need to cope with these disasters differently especially since they will be all the more frequent in the coming years. I am always amazed at how people in the US (where I’m from) who live in tornado and hurricane prone areas keep rebuilding over and over again. People praise them for their determination but to me it is just a waste and they should move. Ah, just as well… Nature will take care of us humans in the end anyway…. 😉


    • Few days ago i had a conversation with an american lady who said the exact same thing. Weird isn’t how people just won’t learn? Like the Bangladesh Delta. That delta always floods. Since forever it exists. And still after each disastrous flood, people return, rebuild the exact same ‘homes’ and wait for the next flood to kill half of them.
      The Netherlands are 7 meters below sealevel. If they’d had the same mentality that nation was gone since the middle ages.


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