Dear Ms Merkel – phone encryption

Things to worry about ….

Musings from the Chiefio

Dear Ms Merkel

I understand that the U.S. Government has been listening in on your “private” phone calls. You have my sympathy. You see, it seems that the Government here has decided to spy on everyone. ( I used to say “My Government”, but since the pathologically named “Patriot Act”, that seems increasingly out of touch with reality. This is no longer a government “of the People. by the People, for the People”. It is now a government of the well connected elite for the purpose of increasing their power and wealth. If that involves trampling your “privacy”, well, small price to pay for domination…

It does not matter much if they are a ‘Progressive / Aso-Liberal (American Social Liberal, a kind of socialist – as opposed to the Classical Liberal of the U.K.) / Socialist / Leftist’ or whatever other name that group has cooked up for themselves lately…

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