Putting the ‘Activist’ in Scientist

Yep, that was pretty naive to assume scientists were some kind of superhumans, devoid of the squabbles of mere mortals. Devoid of emotion, pure rationality drives them in the quest for knowledge. Nope. Just the same silly meanspirited narrowminded backstabbing lying manipulating miserable beings like everyone else

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

29 people have submitted a statement regarding the Keystone Pipeline. Purely political opinions are being camouflaged as ‘scientific judgment.’  

I grew up thinking that scientists were the source of untainted knowledge – that I should pay attention to what they said because they were society’s truth tellers. It was a scientist’s job to deliver the naked, unadorned, inescapable facts.

The manner in which various political factions and vested interests might later attempt to use those facts wasn’t a scientist’s concern. He was above the fray. Integrity shone from his brow. He was incorruptible.

How pathetically naive I was.

Yesterday Inside Climate News, a website dedicated to unabashedly activist journalism, published a story titled Scientists: Key Parts of State Dept Keystone Review Are ‘Without Merit. It tells us that 29 people have submitted a joint statement about the proposed Keystone Pipeline, which is intended to ship Alberta oil across…

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