The Royal Society Gets Radical

Maria van der hoeven is a roman-catholic dutch ex-mp who made a mess of things and was almost ousted. Luckily for the Netherlands she left politics in 2010 but not after introducing the concept of ‘green electricity’ which caused electricity prices to triple. She promotes ‘intelligent design’ as a valid theory thereby proving that in her case intelligence is somewhat lacking. This is also indicated by her lack of any serious education. As an example for feminism she only serves to prove male chauvinists right.

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When the word “radical” is used four times in two sentences, something is amiss.

The Royal Society was founded back in the 1660s and serves as the “national Academy of science in the UK.” Last year, Andrew Montford wrote a sobering report about its recent capture by environmental activists (see my post here).

Since then, cooler heads have not prevailed. In December, the Royal Society will host a conference organized by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research called The Radical Emission Reduction Conference. The conference webpage declares:

Today, in 2013, we face an unavoidably radical future. We either continue with rising emissions and reap the radical repercussions of severe climate change, or we acknowledge that we have a choice and pursue radical emission reductions: No longer is there a non-radical option. [bold added]

Golly, that must be some kind of record – four uses of the…

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