Don’t Call It Autism

Exactly my thoughts. The reason why autism diagnosis rises is because it’s ill defined, the definition describes autistic symptoms not autism. Evidently the profession is rather confused as to what autism actually is. This pollutes the patient base, which in turn makes all research invalid since it’s unknown if participants in studies has autism or only autistic symptoms. This circular logic is the source of present day lack of common cause findings. The common cause is simple, altered white matter in the fetus leads to specific altered neural pathways resulting in a different structure of grey matter due to the neural feedback being directed differently. Which in turn reinforces white matter structures. After birth the job gets finished via environmental input.

The origin of this is imho evolutionary try-outs of getting rid of the hindrance of limbic system supremacy in societal living.

Where a million years ago the limbic system was perfectly capable to handle all events, nowadays it’s completely outclassed and outdated resulting in negative survival indices. Emotional/limbic reactions are a serious threat to human existence.

Confusion surrounding the term “autism” is surely nothing new. The word was first used in 1911 by Swiss psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler, who presumably invoked the Greek autos, meaning “self.”

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Call It Autism

  1. Do you think a similar case may be made for ADD, and its recent epidemic-rate of global spread?

    There are people who seem to really struggle with distractibility, being able to string together complete thoughts without trailing off, extreme hyperactivity and impulsivity, etc. However, the diagnostic criteria is diluted by what you call “spoiled brats” and students looking to get a leg up on standardized tests.

    But do you think, on a fundamental level, that ADD may exist, but for a much much smaller percentage of the population than currently advertised?

    I was quite offended, actually, when you replied on Twitter that ADHD is “only for spoiled brats.”


  2. Did i say ‘only’? Oh. Well i am of the opinion that there is for sure a neurological condition which in general has oversensitivity to stimuli in common which causes the ‘add behavior’. To my mind these are variations on a theme of the same branch which causes true autism/schizo/PD’s etc. In 140 chars that’s hard to say that so i may have plonked ‘only’ to reflect the non-existence of the condition as such as described in the DSM et al.

    So yes, i think the same similar case may be made for ADD, and its recent epidemic-rate of global spread.


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