Researchers Explain How Schizophrenia Drug Fights Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Makes one wonder what that stuff does to a brain and if it’s not better to opt for a therapy that gets you to learn to live with your hallucinations and weird thoughts. Personally i am not affected, but if i would be i guess i would give this a miss. Actually best give conventional DSM psychiatry a miss all together since it is merely a labeling system for health insurance rather than a valid treatment solution.


An antipsychotic drug used to treat schizophrenia apparently paves the way for developing antibiotics to kill drug-resistant bacteria by knocking out a piece of the bug’s cell wall, researchers in Denmark reported today. The finding could help launch new ways to treat the global health threat of bacteria that have outwitted many, or in some cases all, existing antibiotics.

In the study, which appears today in the journal PLoS ONE, investigators at the University of Southern Denmark examined how thioridazine acted on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus grown in culture. “When we treat the bacteria with antibiotics alone, nothing happens,” study author Janne Kudsk Klitgaard, PhD, said in a statement. “But when we add thioridazine, something happens. Thioridazine weakens the bacterial cell wall by removing glycine from the cell wall.”

In Staphylococcus bacteria, the amino acid glycine helps form the scaffold of the cell wall. Removing it weakens that scaffold and…

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2 thoughts on “Researchers Explain How Schizophrenia Drug Fights Drug-Resistant Bacteria

  1. Very interesting question – if it knocks out the cell wall of bacteria, what does it do to your brain cells? Why is it supposedly effective for schizophrenia?

    DSM V claims PMS is socially constructed. I tend to agree there, though… Except on the days of the month when I don’t.


    • This drug is the last resort drug, and it’s in effect worse than the affliction. It shortens your life expectancy with a considerable slice and turns you into a zombie without any emotional response.
      Offered the choice i’d take my life rather than this concoction.
      “Among the more serious adverse effects are severe sedation, a potentially life-threatening prolongation of the QT interval (that means heart troubles), hypotension, hepatotoxicity, extrapyramidal reactions, blood dyscrasias, and hypersensitivity reactions. It should be used with caution in patients with premature ventricular contractions, breast cancer, and respiratory disorders”

      In my mind all doctors prescribing such drugs should be forced to take a cure for 2 weeks during their eduction. I’m sure prescription rates would drop to 0.

      DSM-V is garbage and is so controversial within the profession that even the NIMH took it’s distance from it and they are the ones who paid for it and are most dependent on such a manual.

      “Just two weeks before DSM-5 is due to appear, the National Institute of Mental Health, the world’s largest funding agency for research into mental health, has indicated that it is withdrawing support for the manual.”

      As an older man having had my share of female companionship i can state without reserve that PMS is a real actual physical based mental condition and anything but a social construct. 😦


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