What Does Half-a-Million in Science Grants Buy You?

And that’s only one of the many ‘papers’ that pass scientific review without a problem. The social sciences fraud comes to mind for example. The problem here is the bizarre belief that scientists are a kind of super-humans above the base emotions that drive the rest of humanity. That they are motivated by pure ratio alone and only wish to better mankind. That they are not ordinary humans that are out for number one and will use any loophole there is to make a quick buck.
Well, no surprise. They aren’t super-humans. They are just like anybody else. They have the same mix of good, bad, evil and stupid as all humanity.

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

An academic paper funded by two National Science Foundation grants bears no relation to the intended purpose of that money.

In 2009, the US National Science Foundation awarded an “engineering education research” grant of $150,000 to Eric Pappas, a professor at James Madison University.

According to the official record, that money had a purpose. It was supposed to:

  • “integrate instruction in sustainability into design courses across three years of the undergraduate engineering curriculum”
  • “provide hands-on learning experiences that develop students’ abilities to deal with sustainability”
  • and “better prepare students for the practice of engineering through developing their understanding of environmental sustainability”

In 2012, Pappas became the primary recipient of another National Science Foundation grant. So far it has paid out $431,200. It isn’t due to expire until 2015, and the names of five colleagues are associated with it. It’s therefore unclear what the final amount will be…

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